Monday, October 22, 2007


Alright, I think I am supposed to write six things about myself most people don't know.

1. I cannot punctuate! I do not know how to form a proper sentence. I am now embarrassed for writing that. Every time I write a blog, James MUST proofread it!! (Yes it is true, I have corrected 14 things up to this point in this blog. -James) What can I say, I went to Caldwell High School.......

2. I am jack of all trades and master of none! All of my life, I have been able do do almost anything I want (except sports), but I am not really and I mean REALLY good at anything. Example... Piano- I can play the hymns pretty well. Singing- I am good in a choir. Sewing- I can make a simple quilt. Scrapbooking- my pages are all cute but not teach-a-class worthy. Baking- things always taste OK, but no one is asking for the recipe! I don't mind this, in-fact I think I prefer to be this way. I know I can accomplish anything as long as it's not TOO hard! :)

3. I hate hate hate sports!!! Not watching them, just participating!! I will not play any sports of any kind if I have any choice in the matter!! I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS get hit in the head with the ball!! James can attest to this fact!! I was a cheerleader in High School and well, prefer to be on the side lines "cheering" all you athletes on!!!

4. I am a closet lover of church pop!! I know... very juvenile!! I love to listen to EFY cd's, I even like a little Michael Mclean and Janice Kapp Perry!! I have loved this kind of music since I was a child. I remember very well once being asked by my brother what my favorite song was and I replied "The Light Within". He and my siblings all laughed for about a minute before they realized I was serious. They all said their favorite song was "Bust a move!"

5. I have paranoia!! I find it very difficult to sleep.... I am like my Mother and hear every little sound in the house and then in my mind decide someone is in our house and is coming upstairs to kill me!! I know that sounds crazy but well when your house has been robbed and the only thing taken was your dirty underwear among the many and I mean many crazy things that have happened to you I believe it's somewhat justified!!

6. I am not allowed to watch infomercials!! I am one of those people that gets sucked into buying something if I watch the infomercial long enough!! I don't know why, but the longer I watch, the more I know I must own that product!! Examples.... Ab doer, Windsor Pilates, proactive (good purchase), lint cleaner among many others!!

7. Ok encore!! I just thought of the one I could not remember and now cannot decide which one to get rid of for this so I am doing seven!! I love a bargain. I know it seems strange coming from me! I will search on the internet for hours and I mean hours to find something even two dollars cheaper!! I love when I get a good deal like last year when I got $200 Kenneth Cole Reaction boots for $7.00 thanks to Zappos and their price matching plus an extra 10% policy! James thinks all the online stores with this policy have red flagged me because everytime I can I WILL price match any item!!

Alright, I do not have too many friends in the blogging world so I will tag Jessica or Adam (or both??), Heather, Amber, and Laura. (Hopefully at least one or two of you will do it!!)

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The Clark Family said...

I love these things, I get to learn all about people!