Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our little Dancer!

Dorothy had a recital/fireside and the theme was "Be thou an example of the believers" it was all based around the gospel and being a good example.  I feel so blessed that she can be apart of such a wonderful dance organization where she has a teacher who bears her testimony to the girls.  The dances were all beautiful and each girl bore her testimony through dance.  It was a wonderful recital and the spirit filled the room, I am excited for Dorothy (and someday Violet) to participate in many more firesides!
All dressed and ready to go...

Dorothy, Sareya and Lillian right before the recital

Part of Dorothy's fan club!  Look how excited Pressy looks!


Dorothy had a little solo part at the end of the song!

The final song

Daddy and his 'not so tiny dancer!'

I am so proud of her and what a WONDERFUL job she did!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Comedic Enjoyment!

We seriously LOVE photo-booth on my laptop and the kids can be found playing around on it almost everyday!  Here are a few funny pictures for your 'comedic' enjoyment....
 "Holy white teeth Batman!"

"She is drinking again and it's not even noon!"

"Sad face, so I can get what I want!"

"Say Cheese!"

"My 'pute mom, my 'pute!"  She smiles as she pulls my computer away from me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Since it was the lovers holiday we decided to go out with those we love most!  James is only home 2 days in 10 so we felt like the kids really needed some 'daddy time' and all went out to dinner.  We have a *adults only* cruise coming up in 3 weeks so we will get lots of one on one time!  Here are pictures of our exciting night!
Dinner at Zupas (Texas Roadhouse had a 2 hour wait!)

Violet saying "cheese!"

At dinner!

With their Valentine's presents!

Dipping strawberries in chocolate *yum*!

Reading my new Kindle!  Thanks James!  We love you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poor little broken foot!

Preston pushed Violet off the top bunk and she somehow broke her foot.  We went to the doctor and they were unsure as to whether or not it was broken so they put a splint on, we went back in a week and yes it was broken.  She was really good while the Dr was putting the cast on and kept telling the Dr "it's pretty see, it's pretty" since her cast was pink!
 Leaving the Dr's office

Poor little foot!  You may notice the beds are not bunked anymore, hopefully we won't have anymore broken bones!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Bean Museum Field Trip

Preston's preschool took a little field trip to the Bean Museum, the kids LOVED it and the reptile show!
Sam and Pressy at the museum

Little girl clumping around (with her splint)

Violet and mommy at the museum (Violet looking at something and not the camera!)

Pre-school class

Violet petting the lizard

Preston petting a snake

Friday, February 4, 2011

Look who lost a tooth!!

Dorothy's front tooth has been loose for over a month, she really wanted to lose it on her birthday but could not pull hard enough to get it out. Then she came home a week later with a missing tooth! They gave her a little container to put it in and one happy little girl brought it home.
Look at her little snaggly mouth!

The little tooth box they gave her at school.