Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Island Park!

Last weekend we headed up to Island Park to meet up with some of our friends from Dental school.  It was a wonderful weekend with lots of laughs, good friends and good food!!  We hit some of the local sites, here are pictures of our trip!
Driving around Yellowstone we saw so many animals!

At Old Faithful!
The kids playing in Yellowstone after lunch!

We went and saw "Beauty and the Beast" at the playmill.  It was wonderful and Kristy hooked us up with front row!!!  The girls were in heaven meeting Belle and the other cast members! 
On the boat, we even saw a bald eagle!
Playing around after boating!
We had so much fun!!!  Thank you Staker's and Goldthorpe's for the wonderful weekend and friendship!  Also, thank you for being such great friends and helping me though when I really needed it, I am blessed to have friends like you!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lagoon fun!!!

Last week we went to Lagoon with the Thomas family.  We were brave and only the 'women' went (no husbands) it was such a wonderful time and my kids and I made so many memories!!!  We have decided to make it a family tradition and go EVERY year!  Here are some pictures of the fun...

Dorothy on her favorite ride "the bat!"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

I want to tell my wonderful husband 'Happy Father's day!' he is such a wonderful man, I feel so blessed to have married him!!!  Here are the top three reason's why...
1.  The gospel is number one in his life, he quietly goes about doing good.  He reads his Scriptures everyday and goes to the temple twice a month.
2.  He is a wonderful husband to me!  He always is careful to make sure I get my much needed breaks from the kids whether it's a GNO, or he lets me go to bed and watch a show or movie while he puts the kids down.  He also does not yell and totally slightly accepts that I *need* all of the things I buy!
3.  He is the most wonderful father!!  He loves our children and they love him SO MUCH!!!  He always takes time to read them stories, push them on the swing, jump on the trampoline and always has so much patience for them!!! 

I am also grateful for the wonderful father I have he is the ultimate example of a humble follower of the Lord.  He has taught me what is most important in this life and I would not be the person I am today without him.  I also want to mention my father in law who is a wonderful man!  James is so much like him going about doing good and not wanting people to see.  He is a wonderful "Papa" and has helped our family so much this year from building James' office to helping me with my 'projects'!  I am a pretty lucky girl!  Here are a few pictures of these great men!
The kids were more excited about his iPad than he was I think!

Here is a picture of what James got for Father's day, the iPad!!!  He LOVES it!!  (Sorry it was not another Harley!  That's what he 'really' wanted ever since his was totaled last year (don't ask!)  Maybe in a few years when we can afford it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seven Peaks fun!

On Monday Allison and I thought it would be a *good* idea to take 7 kids to seven peaks... it was exhausting, stressful and sometimes fun!  Here are some pictures of the madness!
Playing at the water park!

Holding a VERY sleepy Violet!

Preston in the showers!

The kids in the tube heading for the slide!

The *cool* girls!

Violet and I in the pool!

All I can say is this guy is fast and BUSY!!