Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Pictures!

We got our family pictures taken last week and here are a few of my favorites!

Monday, April 26, 2010

So I stop getting yelled at...

For the record... I have another blog.  It's all about fashion, nonsense, me, what I am wearing (not that anyone cares), my ugly feet, whatever I want it to be about.  I started it for fun and enjoy posting (everyday) check it out! 

ps- I don't hate comments or followers!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I want to go to "T place!!!!"

Almost everyday Preston tells me "I want to go to T place!" At first I had no idea what "T place" was until when we were driving by James' office and Preston yelled "I go there, T place!"
Got it- T place has the big T!

Naughty-pants VJ always plays with the water!

She thinks she is Annette (the office manager!)

The future Dr. Thomas!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super-duper Saturday!

Yesterday James asked Dorothy, "What do you want to do today?" She immediately yelled, "Eat at Chili's (that is her FAVORITE place) then go to the place and get treats from the little stands (Costco and their samples) and have a MOVIE PARTY!" So we did all three! I did not get any photos of Costco because I did not want to look like the crazy lady!
Pressy-boy and mommy!

Little Violet

I had to get a picture of those cute little feet in jelly shoes!

Dorothy's FAVORITE: Chili's!

Movie party!
Preston decided to turn on his own show!
James watching the movie (trying to stay far away from the madness!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break Thomas Style!

Last week was CRAZY spring break!!! We started off the week Monday night at the movie "How to Train your Dragon" I HIGHLY recommend it, my kids LOVED it!!! Tuesday we woke up to SNOW... not on spring break!! So we took the kids to jumpin' jacks. They had a blast and the moms got to talk and hang out! Wednesday we were about to go swimming (at an indoor pool) when the doctor called and we found out Violet had giardia. What????? So the pool was out! I spent the day trying to figure out where Violet had gotten it. Also calling like 100+ people to warn them about Violet's HIGHLY contagious case of giardia. Preston was also exhibiting symptoms so he went on the antibiotics to be safe. (FYI: Spanish Fork water assures me it's not in the water!) My wonderful M-I-L offers to take the two older kids to Logan for a few days (whew) I scrub/sanitize my house, get calls from the Utah health department about Violet's giardia, and take the dog to the vet (to get her on antibiotics just in case!) And then try and relax. Isn't that what spring break is for? Thursday James takes me to Alice in Wonderland (in 3D for shizzle!) After the movie we go to dinner with Evan, Kelly and the two older kids. Allison my sister is REALLY sick, James and Evan rush over there, and help Jon give her and the kids a blessing. I feel horrible ALL night because I am sure they have giardia and it's MY FAULT!!! Friday we meet the kids in SLC and go to dinner, James even lets me do a little shopping. Saturday we take the kids to Build a Bear. We had around $80 in coupons and discounts that expire at the end of this month, they were rewards from Dorothy's birthday party. All in all the kids had a good week. I only lost my mind twice and this week AHHHH... is starting to feel like the real spring break!
At "How to train your Dragon" in 3D

I love these glasses! Preston didn't.

Dorothy's photo-shoot of us all drinking our sodas she insisted we do.

Eating at Pizza Factory

James and I watching Alice in Wonderland (don't you want my 3D glasses?)

When spring break looks like this outside.... time to head to jumpin' jacks!

Crazy-cakes Dorothy

Preston thought that was a good place to hang out?!


Mommy and Violet

Playing in the baby area!

The kids choosing! (This is where Preston chooses the ugliest thing he can, and then decides he can't live without it when I suggest something else!)

Violet picking out her bunny!

Washing off the bears!


This picture was taken after 10,000 attempts to get them all to look and smile!
ps... Allison and the kids did not test positive for giardia

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well after Violet's stint in the hospital, the Easter bunny was feeling pretty beat down! We had planned on dyeing eggs, and a huge egg hunt that would end up on our new trampoline. We never dyed eggs (sigh, next year) and it snowed 6 inches Saturday night plus our trampoline was in SLC waiting to be delivered. The kids were thrilled with the baskets we should have stopped there! James will also tell you I wanted the trampoline more than the kids! I LOVE that thing! We had a wonderful Easter listening to conference and then a big family party/dinner. I love this holiday, the beautiful message behind it and my Savior for all He has done.
Yes we awoke to this.... not trampoline weather at all!

Dorothy HAD to leave carrots for the bunny!

The baskets! The bunny even left bones for Cocoa!

Digging through the loot!
Finally, they get to enjoy the present in 70 degree weather!!!! I want to say I think Violet likes it the best, every time I get on it she bee-lines it for the tramp yelling "Mama." She loves to jump around and be wild in it as much as the other two!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Violet's $5,000 a night stay!

Violet spent the weekend in the hospital, she got the flu and was fighting it from both ends. On Friday morning my mom suggested I take her to the doctor. They ran some tests and told me she was severely dehydrated and needed to be checked into the hospital. I immediately took her to the Utah valley hospital and spent two days there! My wonderful mom came to the hospital on Saturday and helped me with Violet until they released her! I am so grateful for my wonderful family they all helped us out so much! Evan brought me dinner on Friday, Allison watched my kids (yeah with the new baby and all) and all their prayers! I saw firsthand the power of prayer, and know that we were blessed!

This photo makes me so sad!

Trying to take her IV out!

She pretty much slept for 24 hours! Poor little angel!

James came at night and brought a care bear Dorothy insisted she have!

When she started feeling better she decided to manage her own IV!