Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fashion Disaster Day!

At Dorothy's school each month they have a dress-up day, this month was fashion disaster and Dorothy could not wait!  I helped her pick out an outfit (although I wanted to go waaaay crazier) and did her hair!
Side view of the faux-hawk!

President's Day Fun!

We got hit with a HUGE snow storm the day before President's day and all my kids could think about doing was.... sledding!  They had a slumber party the night before in the front room watching movies and eating popcorn.  The next morning cousins came over and they went sledding all morning!
I went to check on them and found them sleeping all crazy like this!

Jon getting them all ready to go shooting down the hill!

Going down!  That tube really took off and went too fast, but the kids loved it!

Valentine's Day!!

We usually are not too big on this holiday around here but always try and get each other a little something. The kids could not wait for the class parties and all the candy they would get!  On Valentine's morning the kids each got a small box of chocolates and Lady and the Tramp (which I just realized we already owned on DVD, blame it on pregnancy brain!)  James and I decided not to get each other anything over 20 bucks since we have a trip to Hawaii planned later this Summer and are trying to save.  We did go to the temple on Valentine's night for our date and grabbed some fast food on the way home.
Violet's Valentines Day hair-do!  

We with the roses James got me!  I never got a picture of James with his box of chocolates... oops!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dorothy's Baptism!

It was such a special day and Dorothy loved every second of it.  I spend half the week and all night getting all the food ready to make it special.  We are so proud of Dorothy and her decision to be baptized, she has set such a wonderful example for her younger siblings.  The bishop told us how smart and well prepared for baptism she was and I know it's because all of her cousins examples and the many FHE lessons we have had about baptism.  It was a very spiritual day and we feel so blessed!

All dressed in her new dress and ready for her special day!

Dressed and ready to go!

James and Dorothy ready for her baptism!

The towel with her name embroidered from the Primary!

So much family support thanks to all who came!!

The girls (James was chasing Preston down for the family picture!)

The best family picture we could get (all the others Preston was giving the camera the stink eye!)  Preston and Violet really wanted to go play with cousins and did not want to take pictures!  

Our big girl, Dorothy we are soooo proud of you!

Monday, February 6, 2012


The Thomas family is launching 4.0 due for release 7/24/12

At week 16 I am craving everything and feel blessed to be through the nausea because throwing up in public bathrooms will go down as one of the worst experiences of this pregnancy!  Zofran is not a miracle drug but did help.  We are VERY excited about this new addition... will we find out the sex of the baby?  Undecided I love the surprise of it but Preston may need to know what it is this time because he REALLY wants a boy.  I will let you know!
* I did not have an ultrasound picture so you get this;)!*

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Date Night!

Last week we were lucky enough to get some tickets to the Jazz game from Evan and Kelly.  We are always so excited to get tickets from them because they are such awesome seats!  We left for the game and stopped for dinner at Zupas.  Of course I had to get my Red Mango fro-yo during halftime so the game ended up being a complete success- oh yeah and the Jazz won!!
At the game Jazz VS Blazers

After the game in front of the Energy Solutions Arena!