Sunday, May 31, 2009


Pretty much the only movie we go to every year are the Pixar movies. James LOVES every movie they do. So we packed up the fam and headed to the show (with a few friends)! The kids loved the show. James said "they totally redeemed themselves after Wall-E!" I loved the popcorn and Dr. Pepper so everyone was happy!! James and I give it two thumbs up and say it's a must see!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

What the hail??!!

For memorial day James decided we should bike to Cherry Creek reservoir. It's about 12 miles there and back so I hesitantly agreed. We watched the news to see what to expect and the weatherman said to expect showers after 2:00. So we left by 10 to have lots of time. Once we arrived at the reservoir we felt the first sprinkles. Instead of letting the kids play around on the 'beach' we immediately headed back. About 1 mile later it just started POURING (around 11:30)!!!! We had to bike the remaining 5 miles in a mix of pouring rain and hail. All three kids were screaming their heads off by mile 4 because water had soaked through the bike trailer!!! By the time we got home our hands were completely numb and we looked like soaked rats!! Just to let you know James is already planning on us going again later in the week!!! Fun??!!

Look at that rain!!

The drowned rats!!

Dorothy after a warm bath and in her jammies!
(She refused to take a picture when we got home!)

It rained so much it flooded the run-off field across the street!!

Camping at Cherry Creek!

A group of us decided to get together and go camping! We went to the Cherry Creek reservoir. The kids had a blast and Dorothy cried when we went home. For someone who thinks camping should always involve a cabin... I can't believe it but I can't wait to go again!! But we have to get a larger tent!

Playing around!!

We had the biggest family and the smallest tent!!

Hanging out!

Eating dinner

Warming up by the campfire and enjoying smores!

The kids all drinking hot coco in the morning!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dorothy graduates!!!

I can hardly believe how fast time flies! Dorothy just finished her second year of pre-school!! She loved school there and on Fridays (her day off) she would ask me if she could pul-eeze go to school today!! She made so many special friends and will really miss school all summer (so will Mommy!)

Dorothy with her flowers!

Getting her Diploma from Mrs. Howard

During the presentation

Taking flowers to the 'best teacher ever!'

After graduation!

Ashtyn and Dorothy

We love American Idol!!

Since James and I are die-hard American Idol fans we had a Finale party!! Good friends, good food, and good laughs (bikini girl and Kara show down!) We are sooooo happy Kris won! (I will always wish Danny had... although anyone but Adam had my vote!)

My cake for the party... I had some issues with it so I will just say it's a microphone and it did taste really good!!

Dorothy lurking around the candy before the party!

Watching the Finale!

The guys outside BBQue-ing!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photos on the beach!

While in LA we visited the beach where I had my sister snap some shots at the beach so I could update all my frames to include pictures with Violet (yeah I am a little obsessive about that!) She did a great job and even came up with the idea for our blog header! Thanks Dickens!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I took over the blog to brag about my wife for a bit. She is an absolutely wonderful wife and mother to our three children. I am kind of selfish and she always helps me to think of the children before myself. She is always planning something for our family to do to have fun together. Plus, our children got her good-looking genes. We love you Mommy! Happy Mother's Day!

Three *magical* days!!!

While in So Cal we ate at In-n-Out, Pinkberry, and of course DisneyLand!!! We spent three days in Disney and California Adventure!! It was crazy fun and incredibly exhausting!!! But we can't wait to go again!!

At the Disney castle!!

I had to get hats for the kids with their names on them!!

The highlight of Dorothy's trip eating lunch with Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella!!

The highlight of Preston's trip meeting Lightning McQueen!!!

At the Bugs life land in California!!

Our AMAZING helpers Dickens and Adam!!!
(notice Preston getting swine-flu by licking the sword!)

The kids screaming on the tea-cups!!

On the Nemo ride!!