Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring is almost here!!

It was a beautiful AND warm day today!!! So... I decided to grab my camera and snap some early (really early) spring pictures of the kids!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My tiny dancer!!

Dorothy got some new leotards and tutu's (the skirts on her current ones had turned into ruffles!!) and I thought she looked so cute I had to photograph it!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diaper bag tag!!

Sorry Heidi this has taken so long!! So here is a picture or pictures of my diaper bag!! I took them this morning, it was relatively clean since I just made it last week!! I am also using this as an excuse to show off my newest creation!!!

Alright it has diapers, wipes, changing pad, cheerios, wallet, gum, Sunday school guide, Children's place coupons, enrichment invitation and my temple recommend (that I will get finished getting renewed tonight!)~~Can you tell I took this to church?!!!:)

I just wanted to show it has pockets!!

I tag... Sara, Krista, and Amber (don't worry if it takes you three weeks like me!)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm a big boy now!!

Little buddy has taken his first step!!! (He actually did it a few weeks ago but... I just got the first photo of him!) I only was able to snap one shot before Dorothy in all her helpful-ness picked him up and he started crying!!

You melt my heart!

For V-day this year, I wanted to do something special for James... I was not sweet enough to book one of the babysitters in our ward (oops) so I made dinner at home! Since melting pot is our fav place to eat, I brought it here! I purchased a fondue pot and made cheese fondue complete with bread and apples to dip it in. Then we had steak, shrimp, chicken, and salmon for the main course. Followed by a chocolate fondue for dessert with strawberries, marshmallows, and rice crispy treats to dip! It was really fun and actually turned out edible (sorry no v-day poisonings)!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I love you! I love you! I love you! I do..... But don't get excited... I love monkeys too!!!

For valentine's day this year, I made my three monkey's... monkey quilts!! I must confess these quilts were the hardest that I have ever sewn... I challenged myself, but I had fun doing it!! I used a bunch of fabric from the Moda line Monkey 'N Around. I am absolutely head over heels in love with these fabrics!! I started out only making a quilt for James and just had to make two more!! The good news is that I have enough fabric to make myself a diaper bag with the leftovers!! So keep checking back to see my latest creations!!!

From fabric...

To strips...

To pieces...

To quilts!!!
Preston's with the green monkey's on the back!

Dorothy's with the pink monkey's on back!

James' with the orange monkey's on back!!
Full view of James quilt I just loved how it turned out!!

All 'wrapped' up for valentine's day!!

Three presents for my three monkeys!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Go Utah Jazz!!

Anyone who knows James is well aware of his obsession with two teams~~ His fall obsession: the Utes football team (we both graduated from Utah so it's legit!) and his winter obsession: the Utah Jazz!! Utah came to Denver to play the Nuggets and James and a fellow resident decided to get tickets. They had no idea they were tenth row!! It was an awesome game and the Jazz won in a really exciting game during overtime!! We had such a good time with our friends the Blanchards and really enjoyed a night out without the two naughties!!! Thanks Cliff and Leah!!!

Memo and Korver (kinda blurry)


We had a friend give Dorothy a build-a-bear workshop gift card. Since the moment she received it she has been begging and pleading with us to go-- finally after much persuasion, we broke down and took her! "To be fair" we had to get Preston one as well! They had fun and Preston is attached to his monkey! He sleeps with it, plays with it, and laughs every time he sees it! That store is absolutely adorable!! Completely overpriced but how can you resist all of the cute bears and accessories! We love build-a-bear and Dorothy is already planning and (inviting) people to her build a bear birthday party next year!!

~~~The Build-a-Bear experience~~~
Picking out their bears and monkeys as the case may be!

Washing the newly stuffed animals!

"The dressing room"
Should I mention Dorothy had to get underwear for her bear!

Naming the bears (Ariel bear) and the Monkey (Little Buddy)

Taking our spoils home!!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Thanks Kara, hopefully I do this right!!!

Four jobs I have had in my life....
1. Clinique girl- I loved this job; it was so fun playing with makeup everyday!! It is also the reason I hate leaving the house without makeup on!!
2. PartyLand store manager- I also loved this job. I got to plan parties and blow up balloons all day!!
3. Outback- I was a server as well as a Key employee. I cannot say I loved this job, in fact at the end I pretty much hated it!! But Outback is still my favorite place to eat!!
4. Bridal store- I worked here before I got married which really aided in helping me find "the perfect dress." I also loved this job because of the magical look each girl would get on her face when she found her dress!!

Four places I have been...
1. Israel- I traveled all over that country!! I spent a semester there!! I also saw Egypt and Jordan!
2. England- A few years back we had a "return to our roots" trip with my parents and spent a few weeks there! My favorite place by far was "beautiful Hathersage!!!"
3. Germany- we also hit up France (which I am reluctant to admit), Austria, Switzerland (go Bitsch!), and the amazing Czech republic.
4. Hawaii!! What can I say it's absolute paradise!!!
(I know I put more than four, but I was going by trips!! Just be glad I was limited to four!!)

Four favorite foods...
1. Chocolate dipped strawberries (preferably at the melting pot!)
2. Lobster crab cakes at Bonefish grill!!
3. Does Dr. Pepper count?? (thanks to Jen and Heidi for that addiction!!!)
4. Anything at Outback!! Especially the aussie cheese fries!!

Four people I would like to get to know better...
1. Well I have a lot of cousins I feel I don't know very well..... Kara, Sara!!
2. It's too late now but I wish I had gotten to know my
grandparents a lot better!
3. My sisters-in-law
4. All the new people I have met since moving to Denver

Four reasons I love being me...
1. I am very happy with myself and my life! I have so much to be grateful for especially being a member of the church!!
2. I have the world's most amazing family!
3. I have the world's most amazing friends!
4. I have sooooo much to look forward to!!!!!

Four classes I wish I could take
1. I am taking a photography class right now but I wish I could take ten!!
2. How to be a better Mother!- This is so all encompassing it would take too long to elaborate!
3. One on the gospel! I wish I was one of those amazing church scholars!
4. How to de-nerditize my husband 101.

Four family or friends I am tagging..... Sara, Heather, Heidi, and Christy! ( I choose these people because I think they will do it- no pressure or anything!!)