Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon!

Last night we went to... New Moon!!! A few 30 something SAHM's hit the town for dinner at Chili's and then off to the feature film. We had so much fun!! I brought my steamy date Edward along so I would not get too lonely! He was rather well behaved, if I do say so myself!
My date Edward and I all ready to go!

My friend Heather made these amazing gift bags.... they had candy, a key chain, and tissues for when we cried! Most of us used those to wipe the sweat off our brows when Jacob took his shirt off!

The ladies eating dinner before the show!

(Getting loaded up on caffeine since it was a midnight showing.)

My "date" Edward sitting in a child's booster seat! (We were laughing about how the guy sitting next to me is probably telling everyone about the crazy girl who brought a Barbie to the movie!)

At the theatre!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, my birthday present finally came to fruition. We went to Wicked this week and LOVED IT!!! I saw it almost 2 years ago and was just as impressed this time as the first! We took Dorothy which had its pros and cons... Since she was 2, she has been singing the soundtrack to it. She loves the music! She is a very busy little 5 year old and kept asking questions during the play in her LOUDEST whisper she said "Why is she green Mom?" "Is it really raining up there?" "Why is she riding in a bubble?" You get the idea right? We had fun and James and I laughed the whole way home about how cute she was all night!

Dorothy and Mommy before the show!

Daddy and Dorothy before the show!

During intermission

Someone was really hungry during intermission!

At home after the show in our Wicked shirts!
Of course Dorothy had to get the "pink" one!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Halloween was a busy day!! We spent the morning PACKING!! We move three weeks from yesterday! I hate packing for the record! Then we went to trunk or treat at the church! The kids love getting all that candy! We then came home and James took the kids trick or treating in our neighborhood.
Captain made another appearance at trunk or treat!

Dorothy and Preston all ready for trunk or treat!

Taking the kids around

Preston on like his 5th sucker!

James taking the kids out in the snow!
(it actually was not that cold!)

The kids with their loot!

Dorothy waiting by the door!
Once she got back had to answer the door and pass out candy!

Violet crawling around all night while Mommy passed out the candy!