Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sleeping in Seattle!

Wow!! We spent Thanksgiving in Seattle and it was amazing!! I got there on Monday and spent Tuesday and Wednesday shopping. They have the first Nordstrom's there so... I had to help keep them in business!!! On Thursday, we had the traditional Thanksgiving day meal with all the fixings including our family tradition: sauerkraut! Then at midnight we went to the outlets to begin "black Friday" and it was CRAZY!!! After a few hours of sleep.. literally a few... We got up early and hit a few other stores including Anthropologie for the fifth time! That night we watched the sunset against the Seattle skyline and crashed. The next day we went to the space needle and ate brunch there. We also rode the monorail and visited Pike Place Market which is next to the first Starbucks!!! Adam scored some awesome tickets to the Seattle Sonics game and so James and Adam had their "guy time" after being drug around shopping all weekend!! We also visited the Science museum and Aquarium!! Seattle is such a great city with so many wonderful things to see and do!! Our week was filled with so much fun and good food it is hard to capture it all!! Thank you Jessica and Adam for hosting us and showing us such a good time!!

Our Dinner!!

Our brunch on the space needle!

Shopping Buddies!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The things we are greatful for!

Since Thanksgiving is this week and I am off to Seattle (tomorrow), I thought I would compile my list of things I am most grateful for this year!

1. Family- Everyone always says this, but it is true! I am grateful for my wonderful husband who became a dentist this year and is now in school again... For my wonderful little Dorothy who is always amazing us at how smart she is, and for Preston my little "baby angel" who makes me want a million babies because he is such a sweet little guy! I am also grateful for my parents who are wonderful examples by serving as mission presidents, and for my brothers and sisters who are my best friends. And last for my in-laws who are always willing to help especially with our big move here!

2. Friends- I have so many wonderful friends if I start naming them I will forget someone and therefore hurt someone's feelings. So I will just say I am grateful for those who have known me my whole entire life and still love me. And I am grateful for friends who, although I live far away from most of them, still keep in touch. I mostly just feel blessed to have wonderful friends who build me up and love me in spite of my many weaknesses!

3. Books- I have read so many wonderful books this year it is hard to list them all but I am grateful for the release that reading gives me and for my Mother who instilled within me a great love for reading!

4. Music- Since I just got a piano this year, I have realized how much I missed having one in my home. I don't play very well but enjoy pounding out all of the hymns.

5. My treadmill- I cannot profess to love running. My friend (Heidi) keeps telling me it will come, but I do love the feeling you get as soon as you finish.

6. Peanuts in your bottle of Coke- Since this is a new thing I have discovered, I should just say... Try it and you will understand!

7. Having a yard- I always dreamed of the day I could send the kids outside to play and although our yard is small, at least there is a swing set (thanks Papa)!!

8. Change- I thought when we moved this year my life would end. I have come to realize that when we have challenges like this it helps us grow and become better!

9. My calling- I was called to the 1st counselor in the Young womens presidency. I love this calling and those young women! It has been so fun to try and remember what it was like to be a teenager!

10. Most importantly, My Heavenly Father and Savior- I am grateful for the gospel and for the happiness it brings to me in my life. I am grateful for the Savior and all that he has done in our behalf!

Some of our great family moments this year!

Going to Nauvoo!


Our new little baby!

James' graduation!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UGG I guess we are ac-climating!!!

Actually, we love Denver. I was just trying to do a play on words with the UGG...

I have done it--become one of those people who wears boots and long sleeve shirts. A huge change from the flip flops and shorts I am use to sporting around all year!! I busted out my new UGG's today and got a picture... Of course Dorothy had to have her picture taken, and to be fair Preston had a photo shoot as well (James would not be caught dead in women's shoes so he was temporarily "unavailable"!) I love this cold weather and all the fun winter clothes that come along with it!! And I must confess that on top of being stylish, UGG's are a little treat for my feet they are soooo comfortable!!!

A word about Veteran's Day...

I just wanted to say that I am grateful for Veteran's day... I know most people overlook this holiday, but I am so grateful for the men and women who have fought and died to give us these freedoms. Unfortunately, most Americans are too busy fighting about Bush and whether or not he should be impeached, to stop and think about the wonderful things that this land offers. We are so fortunate to live in a country where we can disagree with the President and not fear for our lives or our safety. I know in 2001 it was really cool to be Patriotic and American but lately I mostly hear how much this country stinks because of Bush. I think it is sad that we don't support our leaders more, even if we do disagree with them. But mostly I just think it is really sad that people on the media are calling our troops mercenaries and murderers. I support our troops and am so grateful there are brave men and women that will go and fight for this country. I love this nation and believe with all my heart that this is the Promised land. I believe that the Lord will help us in our battles and protect us as long as we are a righteous people just as in days of old. But part of being a righteous people is being grateful for all that we are given and we are given sooo much here in this amazing country. "Where much is given much is required" we need to stand up as Americans and thank our Heavenly Father for all of the freedoms and blessings we enjoy. We need to show Him we are thankful by teaching our children about all of the sacrifices that have been made in our behalf. We need to teach them to be model citizens to vote and volunteer and build up their communities, not tear them down. Most importantly, we need to teach them about our Heavenly Father and Savior. If we don't, the Lord will take these blessings away and give them to someone who will be appreciative. So next time you want to complain about this country, I challenge you to stop yourself and say something you love about it!

Friday, November 2, 2007


We took the kids Trick-or-Treating!! It was the best Halloween yet!!! Everyone kept commenting on how cute "Dorothy" was and then filling her basket with huge handfuls of candy!!! The little giraffe got cold and went home with Mommy to pass out candy. Here are some pictures of the fun!!!

If you look close enough you will see a small tooth!!!