Monday, June 25, 2007

Our first post!!!

We are still in Florida (ahhh!) but getting ready to a month! Dorothy and I have already started the packing process! We are almost done with her room. James has one more requirement left till he is finished. He keeps telling me he would be done if it were not our long vacation. I keep reminding him he got to meet an apostle because of that trip! (for those of you who don't know, my parents were called to be mission presidents of the Russia, Novosibirsk mission and my Dad was set apart by Elder Uchtdorf!!!!)
We finally found a house to rent in Colorado; See picture (yeah the Mercedes is ours!) It is sooooo nice! It's huge 3 bedroom, a beautiful kitchen, family room, living room, 2 car garage, hardwood floors everywhere, unfinished basement where my treadmill and weight set will go nicely, a deck and backyard! We are really ready to move and just start that next step in our lives (round 3 in schooling) and to be a lot closer to our wonderful families!
We have a few things planned before we leave #1 fix the jeep (it's a good thing we have a new car because that thing is on it's last leg!) #2 go to the beach a few more times #3 Disney for the last time #4 oh yeah and finish packing :(

We have decided to easily keep in touch with all our friends far far away (and inspired by Dickens and Adam) we would start blogging .
So keep checking back to see what we are up too.....