Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sweet little Ruby is growing up like crazy!
Look at that sweet face!

She loves playing with toys and having books read to her!  This is a new set of books we got for her, and the kids love reading them to her!

Whoooo loves this baby?

We do!!!

She is so cute!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Violet's Birthday Party!

Sweet little Violet turned 4 she wanted to have a cupcake party!  So we invited some of her friends for games and fun!
The table all ready for guests!

Ready for the party!

Playing cupcake, cupcake frosting!

Playing pin the tail on the donkey!

Playing sleeping princess!

Her cake!  All the girls also decorated their own cupcakes!

On Violet's birthday!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Dorothy!

Dorothy turned 9 and had a candy party!  She wanted a party centered around CandyLand so we had a candy party.  She had 26 kids come and was in heaven in all wildness!  We played games, had cake and let the kids go through the candy bar, and take a bag of full candy home!
Decorations for the party!
The table of candy!
Her "Candy" cake!

Party animals!

Fun at the party!

*Sweet* little birthday girl who is growing up way too fast!

Girls Retreat!

We had our annual girls retreat and it was so much fun!  We left Wednesday and did not come home until Saturday!  I got some serious scrapbooking done (as in I finished Preston's baby book and am almost done with Violet's!)  It is so refreshing to spend time with such wonderful women and chat while being productive!  I had to take Ruby this year since she is nursing and she put a bit of a damper on my style (of only sleeping 4 hours a night!)  Because she is a party animal and wants to be wherever the party is so she can smile at everyone!  But she's so cute so it's hard to hold a grudge!  Here are the only pictures I took...
Fun at the retreat!

We stayed pretty close to the "UP" house so Allison and I had to drive by it on the way home!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January fun!

The kids went back to school and life went back to normal even if normal is all this...
Back to school and it's cold outside!

When I found the kids pushing Ruby around in the shopping cart Dorothy said "But mom she likes it!" Crazy kiddos!

Can you say regression?!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!!!

We celebrated a wonderful New Year's Eve with family!  We ate ribs (from Texas Roadhouse!), baked potato bar, rolls, salad and for dessert chocolate fondue!!!  Dinner was amazing and we ate like champs!  2013 is off to a good start so far!
Having fun!

New Year's kiss and Jon photo-bombs!