Saturday, January 12, 2013

Girls Retreat!

We had our annual girls retreat and it was so much fun!  We left Wednesday and did not come home until Saturday!  I got some serious scrapbooking done (as in I finished Preston's baby book and am almost done with Violet's!)  It is so refreshing to spend time with such wonderful women and chat while being productive!  I had to take Ruby this year since she is nursing and she put a bit of a damper on my style (of only sleeping 4 hours a night!)  Because she is a party animal and wants to be wherever the party is so she can smile at everyone!  But she's so cute so it's hard to hold a grudge!  Here are the only pictures I took...
Fun at the retreat!

We stayed pretty close to the "UP" house so Allison and I had to drive by it on the way home!

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