Monday, March 30, 2009

My best friend's wedding!!!

My best friend Heather got married!! Jessica and I, of course, had to go out to C-town for the event! Creative Inc (our company) got to work months ago planning the amazing day! We did the flowers and whatever Heather needed (even the shabby guest book!) It was such a beautiful sealing in the Boise temple and the highlight of the trip, I felt lucky to be there! Jessica and I pulled an all nighter (sleep is so overrated!) the night before the wedding and worked like maniacs with the help of red bull the day of the wedding. All for our best friend in the whole world who deserved the perfect day!!

Three best friends!!!

Jessica and I making the bridesmaids bouquet!

Us at the reception

Dorothy was obsessed with "Princess Heather" all night!

My family... Notice the arrangements and garland Jessica and I made!

The centerpieces

The bouquet...Jessica and I living vicariously through Heathy by making her have hydrangeas and tulips!

Lovin' that bout!

Cutting the cake

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's go GNO!!!

To prepare for Heather's wedding we had to have a GNO! We started off in style getting mani-pedi's! Dorothy even got to come! After our nails, we went to dinner with a few of Heather's closest friends!! We had such a great time talking and eating!!!

Dorothy after her first mani-pedi!

Ready to go!

The gang!

Even little Violet got to come!!

Where a kid can be a kid!!!

While in Utah, we took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese! They had cousin-fest playing all the games and eating the delish pizza!!:) Here are some pictures of the fun!!

Martin's cove and Devil's gate

On our way to Utah, we stopped at Martin's cove and Devil's gate; it was cold and WINDY!! While there we went through the visitors center. We then hiked for a mile to devil's gate. James and I kept talking about the pioneers and how hard it was for them to cross the plains. They gave up so much to gather in Utah and we complain about our 8 hour car ride. We had winter coats and comfortable shoes and that little hike wore us out! There is such a special spirit there of sacrifice and conviction. It was well worth the visit!!

The kids at the visitors center

Preston throwing horse poop at Dorothy

At Devil's gate!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Violet's blessing

We blessed Violet on Sunday. James did a wonderful job and it was such a special day for our little family!!!

Sick little baby!

Little Violet had a high fever last week and the doctor told us to take her to the ER. After running tests they could not figure out what was wrong, so they admitted her to the NICU. It was baby abuse!! They ran a million blood tests and did X-ray's, a spinal tap and a bunch of respiratory tests!! I cried though them all !! She stayed for four days and finally came home when they figured out it was just a nasty virus! We are so grateful she is home and everything is OK!!!

Baby's first bath!

Violet had her first bath!! As you can see she really hates taking baths.. and she still does a month later!! But Dorothy just loves playing with her new "little doll!"

Violet's story!

Since this is a journal of sorts I wanted to write the story of Violet's birth. I had my C-section scheduled for January 22nd (Dorothy and Preston were both C-sections) Around 2:00 am Saturday morning January 17th I woke up having contractions. They were too painful to sleep so I and started doing laundry... Wondering if this was more braxton hicks or labor I decided to take a warm bath around 5:00am. The contractions did not go away... I laid down hoping to sleep for a bit and then wake up James and go to the hospital. While trying to dose off I felt a huge gush, thinking my water broke I looked down and saw blood. Well needless to say I started screaming and woke up everyone in the house. 5 min. later the kids were in the car and being dropped off at my friend Maria's house. We made it to the hospital at around 6:00am and I was still in hysterics. I could not get the baby to move so at this point I assumed that I had lost the baby. They hooked me up to the machines and the heart beat was fine. The nurse checked me and my water had broken and I was dilated 2 cm. The on call doctor arrived and they started prepping me for my C-section. At 9:09 am Violet was born. They still are not sure the reasons for all the blood...most likely my placenta had begun to detach but still in the early stages so the baby was not in jeopardy. The C-section went well and I recovered in record time! The hardest part of having this baby was the doctor telling us this needs to be our last. We still are hoping to have one more baby!! We are planning on waiting a few years and getting a second opinion.