Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I always wondered why they called it the swine flu.

Tricia and two of the kids have the dreaded H1N1 virus also known as the swine flu and I luckily get to play Mister Mom and take care of the troops. I have been getting OJ refills on the hour, medicine, making smoothies, and of course, chicken noodle soup. The one thing that worries me is they are looking more and more like pigs since being diagnosed with swine flu earlier today!

Dorothy with a temp of 104 was not in the mood for a "pig" picture.

When Dorothy got tested, they placed a cotton swab up her nose. She didn't like that one bit. She was crying afterward and telling me that it hurt. I told her that it didn't hurt and that she didn't like it because it felt funny. She turned to me with a stern look on her face and said, "You try it!" The doctor down the hall overheard her and started laughing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three lakes hike!

After staying the night in Estes park, we headed to Rocky Mtn National park. We decided to do the three lakes hike because it was 'easy' only being about 5 miles!! We had fun hiking up with all the commentary from fellow hikers calling us CRAZY for hauling up two kids! We hiked up and had a picnic and then headed back home... the kids were out like a light!! My legs were only sore for a day or two!

It was so beautiful!!

Hauling up kid #1

James and Preston after lunch!

Dorothy who had to go see the lake and came back with a wet foot OOPS!!

The leaves were already starting to change!

Dorothy insisted I take this picture for the blog

The girls on the hike!

Hikers get ready for those stairs!!! (This was just the beginning!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Estes Park!

So James talked me into one more camping trip before the end of summer! We spent the night at Mary's lake in Estes park. We had fun eating foil dinners and hot dogs (for the kids) and of course the best part of camping SMORES!!!!

James getting the fire going!

Around the fire

James in front of our new tent that now holds 8 - 10!!

Eating my foil dinner!!
(Dorothy took this picture!)

Preston choose to eat the smores one piece at a time!


What is it about camp fires that is so mesmerizing?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mt. Rushmore!!!

Well after getting a rental car (while our windshield was being repaired) we headed out to see the sites! The kids thought the faces on the mtn were cool for about 10 min!! We had fun hiking around for a bit and driving around town!
At Rushmore!!

Violet one of the new faces!

Looking at Rushmore!

Walking up to see the memorial!

Three babies at Rushmore!

Hiking around Rushmore!

Posing in front of Rushmore!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My 'busted' ride!

Last weekend we visited Mt. Rushmore (more on that later) and on our way, James knocked down the pony express! At about 11 PM and 30 miles from Custer (where our hotel was) a horse that was dark as night ran out in front of our van. We were already slowed down because it's friend was on the other side of the road. Thankfully, we only hit it going about 30 mph! It was like slow motion as it hit the drivers side and rolled up onto the passenger side. We were stunned! After we hit it, the horse rolled off the car denting the passenger side doors (yes plural) and neighed loudly as it ran off into the night!? We pulled over to survey the damage and both got out shaking. The whole way to our hotel we kept talking about how blessed we were. If one little thing were different the entire outcome could have changed drastically! We know the Lord was watching over us and protected us!

My busted ride!

Passenger side windshield!

Look at the nasty horse hair matted into the windshield!

This is one of the strands of hair James threw off the windshield! TOTALLY GROSS!!!
ps... We did get the windshield fixed the next day and drove it home. It's headed into the shop this week for a total body makeover!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Off to school!

Well, it's official: I now have a kindergartner! Dorothy is in school at Mt. Olive. She went to pre-school there the past two years and could not wait all summer to go back to school! Her teacher this year is Mrs. Larsen. She is so excited!!
With Violet right before school

Ready to go!

Dropping off my big girl!

Preston, of course, has his backpack on too!

My kindergartner in front of her locker!

Funny story, sort of... After signing Dorothy in, I looked around and Preston was NO WHERE in sight. I started panicing and looking all over the school. A few other Mom's joined in until I went back to Dorothy's classroom to ask her teacher if anyone had seen where he went. There he was sitting in the circle with the other kids. I could not believe it! He hung up his backpack and gone to the bathroom to wash his hands with the other kids when I could not find him. I had a hard time getting him to actually leave he thought we were there for "Pressy school!"

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Papa's house!

While visiting Papa and Grandma, we went to see Grandma great. The kids has cousin-fest 2009 part 2! We enjoyed ourselves relaxing in Papa's beautiful yard and spending time with family!
Visiting with Grandma Great!

Grandma Great with Violet
(who has decided to start cruising at 7 months!)

Picture from Papa's yard!

These three are nothing but trouble!

Dorothy and Baylee!

Violet and I in front of Papa's flowers!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tony Grove

While in Hyde Park, we drove up to Tony Grove and hiked around the lake. It was absolutely beautiful! Dorothy spent the entire time collecting flowers, Preston rode on Daddy's back and Violet, who loves her voice, yelled!
The flowers Dorothy picked while on our walk!

It's so beautiful up there! Look at all the wildflowers!
Backpack Backpack!!

The girls on the hike!

The lake we hiked around.

This was cool!

While in Utah we were able to go to this and it was wonderful!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HSM party when your 32!!!

Even though I am behind on my blog, I decided to blog about my "Fabulous" birthday party since today IS my birthday! Dorothy (party planner extraordinaire) planned a high school musical party for me! I was so excited because all year I have been hoping for one! She even let me design my own cake!:) I had a wonderful day filled with the best gifts of all... lots of hugs and kisses!

This is what I got this morning as a 'hint'!

When I read it I laughed hard!

The little chef's with the help of Daddy made me dinner!

I should mention that James came through and got me a new TV (last week actually!) Dorothy and I are telling Preston to stay away while he is hugging the TV!

I got to make my own cake... again! So I made cupcakes!
(I think I really captured Troy's blue eyes don't you?)

Blowing out my 32 candles?!

I got FRONT ROW Wicked tickets!!! (I had been hinting to James since I saw it a year and a half ago!)
Note: Violet giving the one-eyed Willy!