Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 'pea' sized party!

For Violet's first birthday I decided on a princess and the pea party. Since she did not care or even know what was going on it worked out perfect! We had pizza, cake, played a few games and just hung out!! It was great!!

Little princess and Daddy!

Her cake!

Reading the story!

Playing "pop the pea!"


Present time!

Her cake (which you can tell she does not care about! But look at Jon and his crazy face!)

Grandma feeding her her second slice of birthday cake!
Even though she only weighs 16 pounds she can out eat ANY other baby!

Exhausted after the party fun!!
PS. I was still recovering from the horrible barf flu!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Violet turns one!!!

Little Violet I can't believe it's been a year!! We have enjoyed having you as part of our family so much! You have such a peaceful soul and sweet disposition. I love to hold and cuddle you and am sad sometimes because you are growing up so fast! Daddy loves to make you giggle and hold your little hand. Dorothy loves to mother you and include you in everything! Preston loves to show you things and make sure you aren't being naughty! We are so blessed to call you our baby, thank you for choosing our family to be with while your on this earth!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dorothy's B.A.B.W. party!!

I still can't believe little Dorothy is 6! I asked her what party she wanted and she immediately yelled, "Build-a-Bear!!" So we decided to do a cousin's only party at build a bear! Dorothy LOVED every minute of it!!! The kids had such a blast and Dorothy felt so special!! She is such a wonderful little girl and has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! We are grateful for the blessing of raising this choice spirit!
The birthday girl dressing her bear!

Welcoming everyone at the party!

Choosing a bear!

Picking hearts!

Playing games!

Stuffing their bears!

Washing their bears!

Mommy and Dorothy

The gang after making their bears!

Her cake (yes it took me a long time and I needed a lot of help from my husband the engineer who had to add supports and helped figure out how to keep if from falling over!)

Opening presents!

Getting ready to blow out her candles!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Dorothy!!

Happy birthday to our darling little girl!!
These six years have gone by way too fast! To the little one who made us parents you've brought to us such joy! Sometimes I sneak into your bedroom and kiss your little cheeks. I love to snuggle up to you and smell your little smell. I love to hold your little hand. I love to put you down at night and have you read me a book. I love to watch you play with others your little heart is so kind. You always want to help and please and are a second mother to Violet and Preston. You are the apple of your Daddy's eye and your Mommy's best friend. We could not be more proud of you and the little lady you've become!! Happy birthday to our darling girl we love you very much!!

Meet Cocoa!

I had a very unexpected phone call the other night from the breeder we bought Pretzel from. She told me she had a little puppy for sale. We had been contemplating getting one about 6 months ago when I called her and she kept my number and told me she would call me if she decided to breed again. Well I forgot about it and moved on. After she called, my next biggest obstacle was getting James to agree. He said I played dirty by using the kids. I succeeded: she's ours! Meet Cocoa!

The kids are crazy about her!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010!

We celebrated New Year's Eve in style!!! We had a four course meal! We started with 3 different types of cheese fondue (all recipes used that night were from the Melting Pot's cook book) Then had salad, the main course and the feature of the night... two different chocolate fondue's!! It was DELICIOUS!! We then played games, planned trips, and of course the band got back together!! It was a wonderful way to send out the year!
Our family picture of 2009!

Of course the band had to get back together!! It's a New Year's tradition!!!

Goofing off and eating!

Violet and James

The kids eating

Violet and I
Yes she has a black eye! Pressy threw a choo-choo at her:(

Dishing up!

Enjoying fondue!

The kids playing Rock Band!

Hailey and Conrad with the girls!

Conrad blowing his horn and driving EVERYONE CRAZY!!!

Ringing in 2010!!

Mom and Dad (I could not get Dad to stop goofing off! He was like one of the kids!)

Jessica and Adam

Allison and Jon

Evan and Kelly

Hailey and Conrad

Brother saying "Peace to 2009!"

James and I