Thursday, March 29, 2012

Color Festival!

The kids and I decided to attend the Color Festival at the local Hare Krishna temple.  It was really fun and dirty!
Before all clean and ready to go!

After buying our bags of chalk we walked to sit down and already were hit with lots of color!

Look at my jeans!!  I made the kids wait to throw the chalk until the time!

The girls

The colors are so beautiful and vivid!

The chalk is so thick you could not see the sky for about a minute!

The kids after the festival!

The kids are already planning next year but they want daddy to take them because 'new baby' cannot go, and they want swimming goggles (because the chalk is scented and hurts eyes) and a mask so they can breathe!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The day my baby turned 5!

On Preston's actual birthday he had a little party at pre-school.  He insisted on wearing his Angry Birds t-shirt since he LOVES it soooo much!
With his birthday treat (he wanted cookies with M&M's, crackers and capri suns!

With his first present a train/lego table!

He also got a 'wiggle bike' it has proven to be something all three want!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games!!!

We (Kelly, my friend Emily and I) rented a theatre (well actually Thomas Orthodontics since you have to be a business) for a preview showing of the Hunger Games.  We got to see it on Thursday night at 7:45 and we LOVED it!!  I almost got an ulcer since the week before we still had 15 tickets left but it all worked out and we are totally planning it for the next one!!!
With the beautiful girls I went with (my tummy might look huge and that is partly because of Texas Roadhouse before!!)  Oh and there is a baby in there!!!

After the movie with my good friends Kim and Kelly!!  We loved the movie!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Preston's Angry Birds party!

Since my son is OBSESSED with Angry Birds that is the one and only party he wanted to have!  I had to start planning early since it's not a really popular party theme (at least not yet, give it a few more months!)  The kids had a great time and Preston loved every second of it!
All ready for the party!

Some decorations and the party bags!

Filling the eggs with candy for the game 'find the Angry Birds eggs!'

Some of the food

The plates, cups and napkins I paid top dollar for online!!

We found a similar cake online and Preston insisted on the same one!  (No yucky frosting aka fondant!)


Playing the first game Angry Birds bean bag toss!

The next game had to be played downstairs it was called "shoot the piggies" named by Preston.  We used a water-balloon launcher and shot stuffed Angry birds and tried to knock down the piggies!

I really *tried* to decorate!

Eating lunch

Opening presents (he made out like a bandit since there were 22 kids that came!)

Time for cake!

Look at those two handsome boys!!

Me and my little Angry Bird, he is growing up waaaay too fast!!
You see the stuffed bird behind me?  We now have 12 birds and 5 piggies Preston has opened up an Angry Birds store!!!  I told you he got A LOT of stuff for his birthday!!!

Rock Show!

Last week James and I decided to take the kids to the local rock show (it was free!)  They LOVED it!!!  After the show we went to the park and enjoyed lunch, the weather has been so beautiful!
They randomly had dinosaur bones on display too!

Sifting through the sand for quartz!

Enjoying Spring at the park!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Poor sick little girls!

Violet had a fever for 5 days and I finally (I know mother of the year) took her to the Dr's office.  Dorothy had been crying half the night before that her ear hurt.  So both girls went in to be checked out and both girls had walking pneumonia and ear infections!!!  I felt awful that they were both so sick and yet relieved that we finally knew what it was and they could get better!  I hope we are done with being sick this year!
At the Dr's office (Violet was really busy with the iPad!)

Sweet little Violet during one of her nebulizer treatments!  

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Power Of One

Dorothy had her annual dance fireside the theme this year was "The power of one" and the girls all danced to songs that talked about all the good just one person can do.  This is my favorite thing her dance studio does and my favorite performance of the year.  The girls danced to the song "My Heavenly Father loves me" it was beautiful and filled with the spirit.  Here are some pictures of night...
Before the fireside

With cousins!

Dorothy and Sareya had a little solo part (so did Lillian I just don't have a picture of it)

The Finale'

Her fans!!  (Poor Violet had a fever all night and slept through 80% of it!)

I am so proud of her and the beautiful dancer she is becoming!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tickled Pink!!!

We found out #4 is a girl!! 
 I am so excited for another girl because let's be honest Preston is my 'hard' child and I worried another boy would be the same;)!  Preston bawled hysterically when he found out but has come around about having another sister.  Dorothy and Violet are on cloud 9 about another girl!  The girls will be a bit crammed in that room (until we finish our basement in about 5 years) but I have no intentions of giving up my sewing room or guest room!  I got a call from the Dr today about my ultrasound which he thought looked good at the appointment, and now says they are concerned about my placenta placement and the fact that it is on top of my scar.  I will go in for another appointment in a few weeks to find out more info but the reality is I may end up with a hysterectomy at delivery.  I have known this for a few months and have come to peace with it (after a trip to the temple).  So for those of you asking about #5 there is your answer!  We feel so blessed to have the three beautiful children we have and cannot wait for #4 to get here!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The laundry room makeover!

Ever since we moved in our laundry/mud room has been an eye sore to me, so I finally talked James into helping me fix it up!

Here is the before...
So plain and this shelf always has crap on it! 

During the tedious and time consuming task of stenciling!

The finished product!  I am going to get something cute to go on top of the washer when I figure out what I want to do!

I wanted to bring more green into the room since the ONLY green thing we had before were the little bins in the kids cubby's!

We put up the board because the pattern was more overwhelming than I thought it would be, and James said it would make his head spin if I did the whole wall!

We built this little cubby-ish thing when we first moved in but I finally got something for the top shelf and I think the wreath on the wall helped bring it all together in the mud/laundry room!

I LOVE the way the stenciling went and my next project is my pantry!  Next time my sister is in town I already have plans to stencil one bedroom wall!!!  

Kids rooms!

I actually finished decorating the kids rooms a while ago but finally got around to taking a picture of them! 

First up the girls room!  I used "Pepto-Pink" again because I LOVE this color!
I promise that in real life the paint color looks a lot better!!

Pressy-boy's room
I had to take about 6 angry birds and put them in the closet for the picture!  That kid is OBSESSED with angry birds!!!

I love this little bug jar that I vinyled out!