Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aunt Dickens visits!

We had lots of fun when aunt Jessica (aka Dickens) came to visit!!  Lots of lunch dates, shopping, family parites and sisterly bonding time!  Here are some pictuers of the fun!
Aunt Dickens!

We used real china at the tea party!

The tea party!

Pressy and Sam playing around

Someone LOVES cupcakes!

Lunches at grandma's house!!

We visited the graves!

Dinner at LeNonne!

A stop at Red Mango!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dorothy's graduation!

Our little Dorothy is growing up way to fast!!  She finished kindergarten today, it was bitter-sweet.  She is such a little ham and loves performing!  Here are some pictures of the big event!
Dorothy during her speaking part... she was first to go and said "We would like to welcome you here to remember our kindergarten year."

During graduation Pressy was entertained with Diego on the iPhone!

Here is a picture of Violet who has recently become obsessed with babies!  Here she is attacking Gigi during graduation saying "baby baby" as she hits/pokes at her eyes!

Dorothy and her wonderful teacher!
(who is expecting a little girl ~
Dorothy is soooo excited about it!)
Congratulations little Dorothy!!! (stop growing up!!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Work-fest 2010 commenced this weekend at the Thomas house. We put in our garden and man was it WORK!!! After weeding, weeding and more weeding, burning some of said weeds (a friendly cop showed up to remind us 'burn season' ended in April... oops!) Jon and James rototilled the garden, we planted the garden, watered it, took a break and ate lunch/dinner and poor James had to finish up putting in the drip irrigation system at dusk! I can proudly say we followed the prophet and planted a garden!
We started with this...

After hours (literally) it looked more like this!

James working like an Ox!

It was Pressy's dream come true- all that dirt to play in!

Some people were a little less than helpful!

Teaching the kids how to plant.

Watering the garden.

We had to take some time out for a "friendly" flip competition!
I totally won!!!  (I am a Mickelsen for cryin' out loud!)
This was one of seriously, 10 piles of weeds!

The finished product
(minus the drip irrigation system James put in last night)

We ended "work-fest 2010" at Rubio's for some fish taco's! 
(We have been a on a fish taco kick since Denver!!)

It was a good day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all you Mom's! I hope you had a special day! I had a wonderful day with my husband and kids doing so much to help me out. We had a family BBQ over at my house so before church was stress-o-maniac getting ready. Happy Mother's day to my wonderful mother who is the most kind, thoughtful, spiritual, knowledgeable, patient, and wonderful woman in the world. I hope to be like you someday! Also to my wonderful mother-in-law who is amazing, thoughtful, welcoming, musical, patient and a wonderful Grammie!

This is the flower corsage Dorothy made me and I wore to church!

Dorothy with the flowers (she told me this week is kids day and they get to play and get presents all day.  Oh, and eat at 'Donalds'!)

Sitting outside on my Mother's day present!

At the BBQ

Kids playing outside... this is before Kyra broke her wrist.

Someone little likes cupcakes!

Monday, May 3, 2010

So mad I was seeing RED!

What happens when you take a little VJ and add a red stamp pad?  You get your carpets cleaned!!  The other day Violet got a hold of an old stamp pad and shredded it.  Then Preston and Dorothy came along and got it on their feet and clothes.  The three of them proceeded to walk all over the house "stamping" the floors as they went.  (I should mention I was running on the treadmill during all of this, so you see exercise can be bad for your health!)  I tried for 45 min to get it out of the carpet and got about 1/16 of it, I finally broke down and called a carpet cleaner who was luckily able to come right out!!
She may look innocent!

The darn stamp pad!

That is a small sampling of the diaster!!!

That is what I wiped off of Violet's feet!