Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all you Mom's! I hope you had a special day! I had a wonderful day with my husband and kids doing so much to help me out. We had a family BBQ over at my house so before church was stress-o-maniac getting ready. Happy Mother's day to my wonderful mother who is the most kind, thoughtful, spiritual, knowledgeable, patient, and wonderful woman in the world. I hope to be like you someday! Also to my wonderful mother-in-law who is amazing, thoughtful, welcoming, musical, patient and a wonderful Grammie!

This is the flower corsage Dorothy made me and I wore to church!

Dorothy with the flowers (she told me this week is kids day and they get to play and get presents all day.  Oh, and eat at 'Donalds'!)

Sitting outside on my Mother's day present!

At the BBQ

Kids playing outside... this is before Kyra broke her wrist.

Someone little likes cupcakes!


Kay Hinton said...

Kyra broke her wrist?? Oh dear. Happy Mother's Day- love your corsage.

Ming said...

Such a fun day with family. I wish I could've been closer to my family yesterday.

Stefanie said...

No one throws a party like you fact I don't think we've been to one since you moved.

Heather Capener said...

Happy Mother's Day!! Looks like you guys had an eventful day! The new patio furniture looks nice, it will be fun to have when the weather is nice all the time. Probably have to come down to visit and have a BBQ :)
Hopefully Kyra is doing well.

Kathy Rose said...

Love your Mother's Day present. How fun!!

Pal & Hatty said...

Thanks for the sweet words!
I didn't know about the red stamping pad incident. Never a dull moment with little people about! The Mother's Day dinner was delicious - thanks for hosting everyone!

Joan Morris said...

Happy Mother's Day Tricia. You are such a cute Mom and I loved your tribute to your Mom. She is a wonderful example to follow.

Elise said...

That's what I wanted for mothers day...but I didn't get it, Uh Well! Poor Kyra, hope she feels better soon.

The Clark Family said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! It looks like you had a great day. Having family around is always so much fun, but of course, a broken wrist tends to put a bit of a damper on things. But your patio furniture is really nice, I am glad you got what you wanted!