Sunday, May 16, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Work-fest 2010 commenced this weekend at the Thomas house. We put in our garden and man was it WORK!!! After weeding, weeding and more weeding, burning some of said weeds (a friendly cop showed up to remind us 'burn season' ended in April... oops!) Jon and James rototilled the garden, we planted the garden, watered it, took a break and ate lunch/dinner and poor James had to finish up putting in the drip irrigation system at dusk! I can proudly say we followed the prophet and planted a garden!
We started with this...

After hours (literally) it looked more like this!

James working like an Ox!

It was Pressy's dream come true- all that dirt to play in!

Some people were a little less than helpful!

Teaching the kids how to plant.

Watering the garden.

We had to take some time out for a "friendly" flip competition!
I totally won!!!  (I am a Mickelsen for cryin' out loud!)
This was one of seriously, 10 piles of weeds!

The finished product
(minus the drip irrigation system James put in last night)

We ended "work-fest 2010" at Rubio's for some fish taco's! 
(We have been a on a fish taco kick since Denver!!)

It was a good day!


Kay Hinton said...

Congratulations on a great garden. I'm totally impressed with your flipping, too.

The Clark Family said...

I am tired after just reading your blog about weeding and planting, I can't imagine how tired you must have been after actually doing it all! And seriously, those flips are amazing. But that is so great about a garden. I think I want one but when I think of all the work, I kind of don't want one!

Ming said...

I LOVE super productive days like that. So tiring, but so satisfying. Your garden looks great! I'm jealous of all your soon to be fresh produce. Yum! Now I'm craving fish tacos. :)

Lots of Laugh's said...

i wet my pants when i jump on our tramp...just sayin...:)
oh, and you are going to love your garden!

Stefanie said...

I doubt I would look so cool in a mid flip pic. I am pretty jealous of all the space you have for your garden. We are stuck with a few buckets for our tomato pants.

Meg said...

We are going to HAVE to print and frame those pics of you on the tramp, so cool! I wish I didn't get sea sick while jumping on the tramp...old age! Proud of you for doing a garden and a big one at that! We need to get something on ours this week or it will be to late.

Lilit said...

ps my wow applies to both your flips and garden!

Elise said...

Jealous!! I had hoped for a garden this year, but we are still working on planting maybe a garden NEXT year. :) I used to be able to flip like that, now not so much, I'm with Lots of Laughs" :)

Kathy Rose said...

How exciting to have a garden! Someday I will have one.... Looks like you guys did a fab job!! Love that you won the flip contest! :) I'm probably the only Mickelsen that can't do one...I was always too scared to try. :)

Tyson and Stephanie said...

Way to go! We have yet to put our garden in, but really need to get with it because I WANT my tomatoes, dang it! Maybe I'll come pick from yours. I can totally imagine how much hard work that must have been, but it looks great now and you'll love it come harvest time. Oh, and you are so impressive with those flips!

Jessica said...

of course you won the flip competition! sorry james, you don't stand a chance!

Joan Morris said...

Great job on the garden. I can't believe what a huge garden spot you have. Are you planning to feed the whole extended Mickelsen family?
I remember you were the somersault/flip champ on the tramp back in your younger days too :) Looks like you've still got it.

Kristen Mackrory said...

Wow. What a lot of work. Good job!!! It looks like you all worked hard. Now...roll on September when you have all that amazing, delicious produce. So jealous. Maybe next year.

Bridian said...

That backflip picture is sick!!!