Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh we're movin' on up....

More updates on the house:
It's almost done outside just a few more things to paint (like the beams.)

The hardwood is in and covered up (carpet tomorrow) and the house is painted.

Kitchen cabinets are almost done (granite on Tuesday)

Just a few things left (like assembling the window bench)

We have our final walk-thru at the end of the week and close next week!!!  We are so excited!

Just in case you think I am bragging (which isn't that what blogs are for?) can I show you my parents house?  It is twice the size (no literally) and not coming along quite as fast :(  but they will be in by Christmas and it will be twice as BEAUTIFUL!!!  I am so excited for them!
My mom always shows the front view where you can't see the magnitude of it, here is what you see as you drive up the hill.  Mom don't be mad:)!  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting Second Grade!

Today is Dorothy's first day of school and to say she was nervous is a huge understatement.  She is switching school since we are moving in 2 weeks and is not sure about all these huge changes we have coming up!  She will do great I know it because she is such a social butterfly!  All of her teachers always tell me how nice and sweet she is, and how she quickly becomes popular (but she is still nervous!)  Last night James gave all of the kids (and me) a Father's blessing, so I am certain she will do very well!  This year she helped pick out all of her school clothes and wanted to dress more like 'mommy' and less cutesie.  She is really growing up fast!
All dressed for school!

The hair-do she planned out (straight with a twist in front and bow)

The two year old that NEVER gets left out!!  This is her back to school outfit she picked out by herself and had to wear today too!

Hugging Dorothy goodbye!  (Notice Violet's new Dora backpack... she thinks she is starting school next week with Preston!)

Little sweet feet!!  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thomas Orthodontics makes waves with a float!

After hours and hours of work some blood, tons of sweat and even a few tears we made a float for Salem days for Thomas Orthodontics.  Thanks to my dad who is an all-star at Jimmie-rigging things, he made the entire float from scratch!  Also thanks to my awesome siblings (and Kelly's niece) and my mom who watched the kids until LATE into the night twice!  It turned out great and I have not laughed so hard in years!  Here are pictures of our success!
Walking to the community breakfast (can I just say I love this town!)

Crazy kids who threw out over 100 LBS of candy!  Yes you read that right over 100 LBS!

Shirts designed by an amazing graphic designer!

The float... it may not look like much but let me tell you it was HARD to make!

Getting ready for the parade (do you see a small amount of all the candy in the corner?)

Our family in front of the float!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

We just finished up swimming lessons last week, the kids LOVED them and I enjoyed having something to do everyday that wore the kids out!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The house is coming along!

With about 3 weeks till we move I think I need to update this blog!  We have been busy with company, packing, and enjoying Summer!  Here are pictures of the house...
The framing begins!

Putting the roof on!

The house finally framed!

The back of the house

The inside looked like this and went to...


Siding is going on
 (but is not painted because our house is not a creamy-beige-ish!)

We are getting excited!!  The kids love going up to see the house and screaming "there is our new house!"  If only I did not have to pack for us to move!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our foundation

After digging a huge hole they filled half of it up with dirt... we were confused.  Come to find out they hit clay (this also happened to my parents) and had to dig it out and put in fill dirt and then compact the soil.  Our house ended up being a few feet higher up than anticipated but will make the walkout basement really nice (glass half full).  Here are pictures of our foundation...
The foundations (can you see how much higher we are than our neighbors?) 

The side view with the park in it as soon as we pull up to see the house the kids jump out and say "can we go play at the park?"  I think I am really going to like living right by it!

After our driveway was poured

The kids playing on the wood that will frame our house.