Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting Second Grade!

Today is Dorothy's first day of school and to say she was nervous is a huge understatement.  She is switching school since we are moving in 2 weeks and is not sure about all these huge changes we have coming up!  She will do great I know it because she is such a social butterfly!  All of her teachers always tell me how nice and sweet she is, and how she quickly becomes popular (but she is still nervous!)  Last night James gave all of the kids (and me) a Father's blessing, so I am certain she will do very well!  This year she helped pick out all of her school clothes and wanted to dress more like 'mommy' and less cutesie.  She is really growing up fast!
All dressed for school!

The hair-do she planned out (straight with a twist in front and bow)

The two year old that NEVER gets left out!!  This is her back to school outfit she picked out by herself and had to wear today too!

Hugging Dorothy goodbye!  (Notice Violet's new Dora backpack... she thinks she is starting school next week with Preston!)

Little sweet feet!!  


Spam said...

Dorothy looks so darling; how can all of the kids help but love her with all of those love hearts? I remember those same butterflies in my tummy each year when I started school. Violet is so adorable; don't you just want to freeze her in time at this age? Love the happy feet!

Spam said...

Oops - just looked at the post again - the heart was on Violet;) Love Dorothy's big pink bow!
The kids are going to love Dorothy, no matter what she wears!

Joan Morris said...

Cute pictures as always! I too remember those first day jitters. I can't believe how your kids are growing up.

Pal & Hatty said...

Cute kids - cute pictures! The first day of school is always scary and always exciting! Dorothy will do well! You will have to bring Violet over for some "Grandma Time" when Preston is at his pre-school and Dorothy is at school. She can have "school" with grandma and of course something good to eat!!

Jessica said...

I remember how scary starting each new year was, and especially since it's at a new school for her. But she'll do great, she is a little social butterfly just like her mama! And violet looks cute in her little outfit she picked out!

sara cardon said...

Good luck to Dorothy! Hope she has a fabulous 2nd grade experience-- she only has like 20 more years of school if she hates it.:)

Carina said...

The first day of school is always exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I'm sure Dorothy will do great, especially since she has such rockin style! It is so cute how Violet wants to be just like her big brother and sister.