Friday, July 30, 2010

The H.E.M. reunion!

We had an amazing time at the Hal Mickelsen family reunion!  It was almost a week filled with cousin-ville, golfing, shopping, 4-wheelin' and games!  I can't wait for next year!
4-Wheelin' FUN!!

The girls had a 'spa' for all the mom's!
At the spa getting a pedi!

Violet who is obsessed with babies, playing with Gigi!

Jon hatched the plan to do this to Treygan when his parents were not around!
And we all laughed hard!

Cousin-ville eating pizza!

The girls went shopping one of the days and we all got the same cardi!

Violet wandering around in Jessica's shoes!  She LOVES shoes!


Riding up the ski lift with the kids!

Going down the Alpine slide!
Pressy wanted to go with Conrad so he could go 'super-fast!'

Riding on the carousel!

Riding on the airplane!

Park City was the BEST!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Back at it!

Thank you for all the sweet and supportive comments you have no idea how much it means to me.  We just returned from our 'Hal Mickelsen family reunion' we were up near Park City in a HUGE vacation home for four wonderful and exciting days!  It was nice to spend time with family and re-focus on what life is really about... The gospel, family and love.  While there we had our pictures taken and while the group one is not done being edited here are a few from the photoshoot!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

And so it goes...

I have no idea why I think pouring my soul out in a blog is acceptable, but I do.  Lately life has handed me a HUGE bucket of lemons.  I feel overwhelmed by just the menial things in life.  Those of you who really know my situation with James and his job(s) know partially why I am so overwhelmed, but that is a private matter I will not discuss on my blog.  I am sorry for not keeping up on comments, I will try and be better.  I just wonder does anyone else ever feel this way?  I feel like the Lord has given me more than I can handle, I have anxiety like no body's business, my kids are OUT OF CONTROL, I am lonely feeling like I have yet to really make a good friend here.  I do have my wonderful and extremely supportive family.  My husband (when he is home) is amazing, but his business is not doing as well as we had hoped.  I just wonder how much more I can take on? 
I keep thinking about the pioneers and am angry with myself at complaining.  Elder Holland said "When suffering we may in fact be nearer to God, than we have ever been in our entire life."  I know that to be true as I have began to pour over my scriptures and pray with new fervency.  I just wish I could hurry up and learn whatever lesson I need to from this trial.  My mom always tells me "it's always the darkest before dawn." and I hope so because I am not sure it can get much darker.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor again, this time I will not try and 'handle' it all myself (as evidenced by this post I clearly cannot) I just hope and pray that she can help me find the elusive peace I seek. 
I mainly posted this because sometimes I think these blogs make everyone's life look so perfect.  Well guess what mine is not, big surprise!  I know I am never alone and that I am extremely blessed, but I am having a bad month! 

I found this song and was so moved by it I sat down and wept as I listened to the lyrics.  I hope it touches you as it has me!

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No I am not pregnant, infact I think we are done having kids! 

And to top it all off Pressy-boy broke my Bose sound dock again!!!  Really?  I am headed to Costco to pick up an iHome because that is cheaper than fixing the sound dock!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July fun!

We basically spent three days celebrating the Fourth of July!  On Saturday we headed up to Hyde Park and spent the holiday with the Thomas family.  We had quite the firework show!  Then on Sunday we had a 'sabbath approved' holiday and just did family stuff.  Monday morning we headed out early and hit up the parade followed by 4-wheelin' and then a big BBQ with the Mickelsens!  I am still exhausted from all the FUN!!!
The three kiddos in their 4th of July garb!

Playing on Grandma and Papa's slip-n-slide!

The family 4th of July picture!

Sparkler time!!!

Mesmerized by fireworks!!!

The 4th of July parade!

Pressy LOVES firetrucks and kept waving to them!!

My kids favorite float... How to train your dragon!

Violet clapping at the parade!

What happens when you have 2 generations of pyros?

It's called tank wars...

and LOTS of fireworks!!!

This is called the "Brew-ha-ha" and look how HUGE it is!!!
(notice my hand in relation to it!)

Watching the show!
Sparkler time!

The "Brew-ha-ha" going off (this is before it malfunctioned and blew itself apart!  That was a REAL show!)