Friday, July 30, 2010

The H.E.M. reunion!

We had an amazing time at the Hal Mickelsen family reunion!  It was almost a week filled with cousin-ville, golfing, shopping, 4-wheelin' and games!  I can't wait for next year!
4-Wheelin' FUN!!

The girls had a 'spa' for all the mom's!
At the spa getting a pedi!

Violet who is obsessed with babies, playing with Gigi!

Jon hatched the plan to do this to Treygan when his parents were not around!
And we all laughed hard!

Cousin-ville eating pizza!

The girls went shopping one of the days and we all got the same cardi!

Violet wandering around in Jessica's shoes!  She LOVES shoes!


Riding up the ski lift with the kids!

Going down the Alpine slide!
Pressy wanted to go with Conrad so he could go 'super-fast!'

Riding on the carousel!

Riding on the airplane!

Park City was the BEST!


Karin said...

That looks like so much fun! Love the Cardi's!(:

Jessica said...

We had such a great time! What cute pics, I especially love the one of VJ wearing my shoes. And where was I when Jon was lighting fire on Treygan's belly??

Heather said...

That does look like fun! We're having a reunion next month, but I Jon-Michael can't go because of work and I don't want to go without him...WAY too hard. This makes me want to go!

The Clark Family said...

It looks like you had a blast! And such a pretty place. Family is so fun to be around, especially when life gets a little hard. Hope everything is going well!!

Kelly M said...

So that's what kind of babysitting job we get from the aunts and uncles? Treygan never said a word!

Kay Hinton said...

SO fun to see all the pictures. The "sister cardis" are so cute. You all look so happy. What a beautiful group of women! I LOVE the little girl spa. Looks to me like Kelly and Evan don't dare leave their kids with responsible(?) adults! What on earth???????? I'm so glad you had such a wonderful reunion.

Spam said...

Wow, what a fun reunion and adorable pictures of all of you! You have such a beautiful family! Our family rented a big home 4 years ago out of Park City and had such fun, too! Roger crashed on the Alpine Slide with Sammy, Missy and Jedd's little guy. Sammy got a scraped hand, but Roger got a black and blue hematoma on his bottom that lasted over a year!
We were up there for the 24th of July this year with Rick and Jodie's family and we rode the coaster. I held my breath the whole way down!

Kathy Rose said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun time together. Love the pic of Violet in Jessica's shoes. Cute! All of my family is getting together this week and my family is the only one that won't be there...I'm so sad. Being with family is the best!