Sunday, August 1, 2010

The 24th of July!

In Utah the 24th of July is a BIG deal... the whole town was a flutter with festivities!!  We got up early and headed out to the parade, after that we ate lunch at The old spaghetti factory and then went to the movie "Despicable Me" we had a fun day and remembered our pioneer heritage!
Waiting for the parade to start!

Watching the parade!

James and Violet watching the parade!

After the parade we went out to "The old Spaghetti Factory"

We got to eat in the train booth!


The Clark Family said...

How fun! Parades are always fun, kids love them. I think that is so cool that you can celebrate your pioneer heritage with so many activities. I was horrible, this year, I thought about it in passing on the day....I need to be better next year.

Jessica said...

I do love the 24th of July parade, too bad we don't live in good 'ol Utah anymore! And jealous you went to Old Spaghetti Factory, I love me some mizithra!

Stefanie said...

I haven't been to a parade in forever. By the way, did I mention your newest family photos are awesome. I love everything about them, the set up, the clothes, the people...all beautiful!

sara cardon said...

Happy 24th! It is a fun Utah holiday-- very unique after living away in the East for so long, right? Ditto on the new family pictures!!:)

Shauna said...

what a fun FHE night! ours are always so short and well pretty much boring. looks like the kids had a blast!

Shauna said...

woops I guess I commented on the wrong post...o well.