Saturday, October 31, 2009

It was a blustery, snowy, and downright COLD day!

Wow! It's still October and we just got hit with a doozie! It snowed for 2 days straight! School was cancelled for Dorothy and James so we stayed inside packed up a little, and made homemade marshmallows!
Dorothy 'trying' to measure the snow!

James getting the total of.... 19 inches!!!
(and it kept snowing ALL DAY!)

Measuring Violet against the snow to see what is taller!

Making homemade marshmallows!

Sipping our hot coco with our homemade marshmallows!

The fruits of our labor!

We even made some pumpkin marshmallows
(which I am thinking of dipping in chocolate!)

Is there anything better on a blustery, snowy, and downright COLD day?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin fun!

The annual "Thomas carve-a-thon" convened this week. It was re-scheduled from Monday night to Tuesday because I (Tricia) was under the weather! The kids got to pick their designs and James with his meticulous dental hands was able to create a few masterpieces!!!
Violet June pumpkin pants!

Preston who watched James carve the pumpkin yelling
"Buzz pumfkin!"
Dorothy supervising Mommy!

Preston with Buzz!

Violet playing on her pumpkin!

Dorothy proudly hugging her pumpkin!

Preston chose Buzz Lightyear!

Dorothy choose Ariel...of course!

Violet's carriage from Cinderella (Dorothy picked this one for her!)

Buzz, the carriage from Cinderella, and Ariel!

For dinner I made pumpkin soup from scratch using the leftovers from scraping out the pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Conrad and Hailey 10-24-09

We just returned from Utah where we were able to attend the marriage of Hailey and Conrad in the Logan temple. We are so excited to welcome beautiful Hailey into our family!
Hailey and Conrad kiss right outside the temple!

The beautiful Logan temple in the fall!

Our newly expanded family outside the temple!

The girls! (with Conrad)

The guys!

Our family outside the temple. (Funny story: you may notice a shoe change... in between the temple and the wedding breakfast we went to the mall when my shoe broke (btw these shoes were no payless specials I got them at Nordstroms for a pretty penny!) So I had to change into boots!)


Hailey and the girls (they all thought she was a princess!)

Conrad and the little boys!

Three best friends during the reception!

What the little boys did during the reception!

Our family at the reception

Little girls

What the little girls did during the reception!



Violet (or Vivian) and Conrad at the reception

Center pieces

The beautiful cake (Dorothy is still asking me why Hailey did not let her have any cake!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thomas Halloween Bash!!!

We had our annual Halloween party. It was crazy and chaotic trying to do all of the things I wanted to but it was a blast! The kids played and played and the adults ate good food and hung out (the men even snuck some football in!) We had so much fun thanks to all who came!
Waiting for Peter Pan (must be said with an English accent!)

The cutest little Tinkerbell I have ever seen!

Preston's favorite part of the costume was his sword!!

All day Preston kept asking to fight Daddy!

The girls all dressed and ready for the party!

Peter, Captain, Wendy, Tiger-Lily and Tinkerbell!

The food!

Caramel apples!

Pinata during the party!

Peter Pan

Wendy reading a bedtime story to John and Michael!

Captain (very scary) telling Peter to stay away!!

Tiger Lily throwing a peace sign!

Tink- flying away!

Wendy, Tinkerbell, and Peter!