Thursday, June 28, 2012


Since school got out we have been busy spending time at the pool, library and lessons (dance, violin and swimming.)  I have been spending time at Dr's appointment after appointment with my non-stress tests and weekly Dr checkup's I find myself wishing I would just go into labor to be done with it all!  Last weekend I had a RUN-IN literally I stubbed my toe on the stairs and heard a snap.  After going to the Dr's and getting it X-rayed it showed it was broken.  I would not have gone to the Dr but my poor toe was all sorts of jacked and had to be put back into place.  My mom took me and said she heard it snap right back into place.  So now I am hobbling and waddling around!  Let the Summer fun begin!
My poor baby toe and swollen foot.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dorothy's new ride!

For the past 6 months Dorothy has been saving every penny she earned to get a scooter.  We finally found a good one off KSL and for the right price.  She is so excited for her new scooter that she paid for all by herself!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We are at it again!!

When you are less than 2 weeks away from delivery what do you do?  You put on a skin tight bathing suit and take the kids to the local pool!  Oh well at least I float easier!  The kids love the pool and so do I, so I guess even the fact that I am huge won't keep me away!
Here are my three little fish!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dorothy's Dance Recital

The girls had the end of the year recital it was SO CUTE!  They danced to two songs the first one was Yankee Doodle and the second was I am a Pirate.  Here are pictures from the recital.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Swimming Lessons!

All three kids took swimming lessons this summer they had semi-private lessons, so there were 2 kids to 1 teacher.  I cannot believe how far each kid came during lessons Dorothy went from jumping in to learning to dive and Preston will now jump off the diving board all by himself without any flotation device!  Violet took the mommy and me class (I looked like a whale don't worry!)  She LOVED every single day of it!  She would beg me all lesson long "Mommy please let go of me" she wanted to swim in the deep end all by herself.  She has NO FEAR of the water which is something I wish she did have.  She loves jumping off the edge into mommy's arms (if I go back far enough for her to get a real running start).  It was really fun!
Last day of class I made James come because I was not about to photograph myself in a bathing suit!

Preston going down the slide!

Dorothy whoo-hoo!

Violet gathering the Starburst they put in the pool the last day!

Jumping in ALL BY HIMSELF!! 

Dorothy doing a flip off the diving board!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My fancy pantry!

When my sister Jessica was out here she helped me get more organized before the baby comes we went through all the kids rooms and closets.  Then we tackled my entire kitchen!  We cleaned every cupboard and drawer out and then stenciled my pantry.  She helped me organize it and make it look so cute!   We even got my label maker out (that I NEVER use) and Jessica went CRAZY with it (any OCD girls dream!)
So far it has stayed organized since I just took this picture today and it has been 3 weeks!!!