Thursday, June 28, 2012


Since school got out we have been busy spending time at the pool, library and lessons (dance, violin and swimming.)  I have been spending time at Dr's appointment after appointment with my non-stress tests and weekly Dr checkup's I find myself wishing I would just go into labor to be done with it all!  Last weekend I had a RUN-IN literally I stubbed my toe on the stairs and heard a snap.  After going to the Dr's and getting it X-rayed it showed it was broken.  I would not have gone to the Dr but my poor toe was all sorts of jacked and had to be put back into place.  My mom took me and said she heard it snap right back into place.  So now I am hobbling and waddling around!  Let the Summer fun begin!
My poor baby toe and swollen foot.  


Stephanie Black said...

Hi Tricia! I have been out of the blog world FOREVER! So 9 more days?!!!! Oh my! Sorry about your toe too. I wish you the best and hope everything goes well with the delivery. Do you know what you are having? Krishawn is moving here soon, so she and I need to drive up and see you!!! I think I need to go back and read the last 6 months to get the update on what you have been doing. Btw, love your pantry. How do you do that stencil stuff? Its so cute. My pantry could use a whole new coat of love in it!

Stephanie Black said...

Ok, I caught myself up. Congratulations on having another girl! I loved reading about your are busy busy people!