Monday, March 31, 2008

Our two little Easter babies!!!

Dorothy and Preston in their Easter outfits!!!!

Easter Bunny what did you bring me???

Well, the Easter bunny made it even though Dorothy was worried and had me "write" and tell him we would be in Utah for Easter!!! After the baskets, the kids had an Easter egg hunt with cousins!!! We also had a birthday party for Preston on his real birthday!!!

Dorothy surveying the goods from the Easter bunny!

Preston showing very little excitement over his new gift!!:)

Since Easter fell on Preston's Birthday after Easter dinner we
had a little party (yeah part two of the truck cake!)
to which Preston enjoyed fist-full's of cake!!!!

Preston managed to get one ~ literally one Easter egg all on his own!!!

Dorothy "showing" Preston how to get the eggs!

Happy Easter!!!

Our "Wickedly" wonderful week!!!

We had so much fun, it's hard to describe!!! We stayed up all night talking, doing crossword puzzles (yeah that's how Moms party these days!) but mostly we just laughed and laughed till our sides ached and Kelly cried!!! We saw our wonderful and hilarious cousin Ami (sorry no pictures I forgot my camera and am still waiting on the email with them, Dickens!) And we saw Liesel my old college roommate who really is a " Mickelsen" at heart; at least she uses that line every time we go on a free family trip!! We saw Wicked, which was amazing... Need I say more?? We went to the Hollywood walk of fame (where I made everybody choose a person and kneel down in a dress for a picture!!). We saw the Kodak theater (you know I am obsessed with American Idol). We got much needed mani-pedi's, visited Rodeo drive and looked longingly at all the goods!!! And of course, saw the Hollywood sign on the mountain (a dream of mine since childhood!) It was amazing and wonderful... Thank you sooooo much to our wonderful Hubby's who watched the kids while we enjoyed our "girls only" getaway!!! (Should I mention there is another one in the works?)

Dinner with Leezies!!!

My shopping dream come true!!!

Allison choose Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movies!! Yeah she's a little obsessive about Harry and the gang!!

I choose Judy Garland~ No I am not obsessed with "The Wizard of Oz"
Dorothy is a family name!! But I had to choose her, she
plays the best character ever!!!

Kelly choose "Tom (super crazy) Cruise" ~ interesting story:
She was there the day he got his square and put his hands and feet in the pavement so she had to pick him!!!

Jessica choose Matt Damon~ I will just say
it's an unhealthy crush that she has on this guy!!!

Allison and I before the show!!

Jessica, Allison, Me, and Kelly ~ all "wickedly" happy!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where a kid can be a kid!!!

We had Preston's first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Orem. I think Dorothy liked it more than Preston. Pizza + tokens + lots of sugary drinks + cousins = crazy kids. Take a look for yourself.

I think Preston's shirt is fitting.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Need I say more? I love this place!! We ate there a few times and stopped on our way home in Las Vegas where we enjoyed some In-N-Out! I got my burger "animal style" for the first time and it was delicious!!!

Ode to Pinkberry!!!

Pinkberry, oh Pinkberry how I miss you so!
Your yougarty goodness that reaches right down to my toe!
I'll think of you each day and night and my whole life through...
Until the day will come real soon. That I am reunited with you!

So, I have so many wonderful blogs to do about LA and our amazing "girls only" trip!!! But the one thing I miss the most (besides my sister Jessica aka Dickens) is Pinkberry!! We ate it every and I mean EVERY chance we got!!! Here are some pictures of it's goodness!!!

Hanging out with Papa!!!

While James and I went snowboarding for the day the kids hung out with Grandma and Papa!! We originally wanted to take Dorothy with us so that she could learn how to board but she want to stay and play with cousins!!!

Picture of James at Beaver mountain!!!:)

Friday, March 14, 2008

R & R

We are headed to Utah and then I (Tricia) am headed to LA for the next week and a half so... I hate to announce but there will be no new blogging for awhile!!! I will have a blogfest 2008 when I return!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pretty as a Princess!

Recently, Dorothy was invited to a birthday party where the girls dressed up in their Sunday best!! I like this because her dress-ups are completely trashed out!!! I thought she looked so pretty I had to get a photo (or two)!!!!

Oh yeah, she had to wear the Cinderella shoes!!

Card Club...

So I joined a card club in my excitement to show one of my (not so) many talents... first time we met I walked home embarrassed... The other girls cards in the club were amazing and mine well... left something to be desired, I'll say. So after a few card swaps where I went home wondering if I should just drop out because I am the dead weight of the club, I decided to cheat!! I looked on etsy (amazing website!) and found a cute card and copied it!!! I am posting this because card swap is tomorrow and today I feel good about my cards; tomorrow I have no doubt will be another story! So if you want to tell me how cute they are you can since I totally ripped them off!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slackers unite!!

Sorry I have not blogged for a while!! My kids have been sick pretty much all week.... I had a young women with a hair issue (trust me you don't want to hear the long story!!) and I have been of course... quilting!!! What else can you do when your kids are sick and you are home all day!! Other than that, I have been focused on keeping Preston alive!!! His newest hobby is walking back and forth in front of 12 hardwood stairs (by the way he laughs and laughs as he passes them!) He is becoming a pretty good little walker but, not that good!!