Friday, July 2, 2010

GNO- Eclipse!

A bunch of lovely ladies from my ward (and that I met on the weekend scrap booking retreat) all went to Eclipse!  It was so much fun going to dinner, hangin' out and joking about how we were all WAY too old to be at a midnight showing!  The movie was FANTASTIC (I have loved all three so consider the source) I thought this was the best one yet!  With Jacob's shirt off most the movie it was "a total Eclipse of the heart!"  Here are some pictures of the fun!
All dressed up and ready to go out!

Dinner with the ladies!

Even little Ella got to come!

Kelly and I with our dates!

I brought little gift bags that were team Jacob and team Edward!
(thanks for the idea Heather!)

You know I am 100% team Jacob!

We played games waiting for 2 hrs to get into our theatre!


Finally the show!!!  These two were so good (no fighting!)  I on the other hand acted like the other 16 year-olds in the theatre!

They are totally going next time too!!!  James has taught Pressy-boy to call Jacob naked man and tease me endlessly!!

PS- Kelly we are ready for another Twilight party (hint, hint!)


Amber said...

I love it! I haven't made it out to the movie yet but hope to soon!

Jessica said...

What fun! I wish I could've joined in on it! And team Edward all the way!

Shauna said...

Oh yeah good times! I thought it was the best one too...thanks to Jacob for showing off his sweet body! You're too funny with the Edward/Jacob figurines sitting next to you, but it's so Tricia..ha ha.

Kathy Rose said...

I agree with you that Eclipse has been the best one yet!! Looks like you had lots of fun!! I'm ready to go again this week with my hubby. :)

Heather said...

Oh, I miss you! Looks like you girls had a blast. What did you put in your gift bags? So fun! I didn't put together whole bags for everyone, but I still have a little goodie to send to you (one of these days I'll actually get to it!) The movie was super fantastic though!