Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break Thomas Style!

Last week was CRAZY spring break!!! We started off the week Monday night at the movie "How to Train your Dragon" I HIGHLY recommend it, my kids LOVED it!!! Tuesday we woke up to SNOW... not on spring break!! So we took the kids to jumpin' jacks. They had a blast and the moms got to talk and hang out! Wednesday we were about to go swimming (at an indoor pool) when the doctor called and we found out Violet had giardia. What????? So the pool was out! I spent the day trying to figure out where Violet had gotten it. Also calling like 100+ people to warn them about Violet's HIGHLY contagious case of giardia. Preston was also exhibiting symptoms so he went on the antibiotics to be safe. (FYI: Spanish Fork water assures me it's not in the water!) My wonderful M-I-L offers to take the two older kids to Logan for a few days (whew) I scrub/sanitize my house, get calls from the Utah health department about Violet's giardia, and take the dog to the vet (to get her on antibiotics just in case!) And then try and relax. Isn't that what spring break is for? Thursday James takes me to Alice in Wonderland (in 3D for shizzle!) After the movie we go to dinner with Evan, Kelly and the two older kids. Allison my sister is REALLY sick, James and Evan rush over there, and help Jon give her and the kids a blessing. I feel horrible ALL night because I am sure they have giardia and it's MY FAULT!!! Friday we meet the kids in SLC and go to dinner, James even lets me do a little shopping. Saturday we take the kids to Build a Bear. We had around $80 in coupons and discounts that expire at the end of this month, they were rewards from Dorothy's birthday party. All in all the kids had a good week. I only lost my mind twice and this week AHHHH... is starting to feel like the real spring break!
At "How to train your Dragon" in 3D

I love these glasses! Preston didn't.

Dorothy's photo-shoot of us all drinking our sodas she insisted we do.

Eating at Pizza Factory

James and I watching Alice in Wonderland (don't you want my 3D glasses?)

When spring break looks like this outside.... time to head to jumpin' jacks!

Crazy-cakes Dorothy

Preston thought that was a good place to hang out?!


Mommy and Violet

Playing in the baby area!

The kids choosing! (This is where Preston chooses the ugliest thing he can, and then decides he can't live without it when I suggest something else!)

Violet picking out her bunny!

Washing off the bears!


This picture was taken after 10,000 attempts to get them all to look and smile!
ps... Allison and the kids did not test positive for giardia


The Staker Family said...

What a fun week, well aside from the sickness! I saw that cute bunny Violet got in the ad, love it!

Jessica Craw said...

Wow, what a busy week! I still can't believe Violet got Giardia, did you ever find out where she got it from? And super cute outfit at BABW!

Stefanie said...

yikes! You need a real break some place nice and warm, take me with you when you go!

Tyson and Stephanie said...

Oh goodness, what a week you had! That exhausted me just reading it all. I seriously don't know how you do it all. You are amazing! I hope Violet is better, along with everyone else.

Lilit said...

When I read your post I was sad thinking poor little V and poor Tricia... When kids are sick is the worst!
Then I looked at all the photos and thought to myself this family is having too much fun!
Good for you!!!
I think I would have enjoyed that jumping place too!

Kathy Rose said...

Darn. That really stinks about Violet getting so sick. I hope everyone (including Allison) is feeling better now.

But it looks like you still had fun and did some fun things. I LOVE Pizza Factory and LOVED How to Train Your Dragon!

mrs. potato head said...

so much for the 'break' in spring break! sounds like you made the most of it. what did you buy in SLC? i bet it is super cute! miss you.

Elise said...

Poor little Violet! I hope everyone gets feeling better soon.

We LOVED How to Train Your Dragon too, so CUTE!

jscardon said...

Geez louise!! You had a quite a spring break. When it rains, it pours, right? I hope it's finally warmed up there and that you have no more bugs for a long, LONG time!!