Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well after Violet's stint in the hospital, the Easter bunny was feeling pretty beat down! We had planned on dyeing eggs, and a huge egg hunt that would end up on our new trampoline. We never dyed eggs (sigh, next year) and it snowed 6 inches Saturday night plus our trampoline was in SLC waiting to be delivered. The kids were thrilled with the baskets we should have stopped there! James will also tell you I wanted the trampoline more than the kids! I LOVE that thing! We had a wonderful Easter listening to conference and then a big family party/dinner. I love this holiday, the beautiful message behind it and my Savior for all He has done.
Yes we awoke to this.... not trampoline weather at all!

Dorothy HAD to leave carrots for the bunny!

The baskets! The bunny even left bones for Cocoa!

Digging through the loot!
Finally, they get to enjoy the present in 70 degree weather!!!! I want to say I think Violet likes it the best, every time I get on it she bee-lines it for the tramp yelling "Mama." She loves to jump around and be wild in it as much as the other two!


Kay Hinton said...

It looks like Easter was still a happy time, even with the snow and little Violet's illness. Happy Trampolining!

jscardon said...

How fun! I can testify through personal memory that you are an amazing trampoline artist-- all of you Mickelsens could do amazing flips and back flips.:)

Meg said...

yeah great gift easter bunny! glad it all worked out even if it wasn't the way you expected. love you guys! happy easter!

mrs. potato head said...

wow! tramps are the best. i loved the campouts every friday night in the summer. who is cocoa? did you get a dog?

Jessica and Adam Craw said...

Yay, you finally got your trampoline! Now I need to come over and we can do our flips like we used to do. Looks like a fun Easter and I love the PB baskets!

Kathy Rose said...

How fun! I love those Easter Baskets. They are so cute.