Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seven Peaks fun!

On Monday Allison and I thought it would be a *good* idea to take 7 kids to seven peaks... it was exhausting, stressful and sometimes fun!  Here are some pictures of the madness!
Playing at the water park!

Holding a VERY sleepy Violet!

Preston in the showers!

The kids in the tube heading for the slide!

The *cool* girls!

Violet and I in the pool!

All I can say is this guy is fast and BUSY!!


Jessica said...

I wish I could have gone with you guys, it looks like a lot of fun! Maybe we'll have to go next time I'm in Utah if you're up for more madness!

Amber said...

Your brave, I question going out with two let alone 7!

Elise said...

Brave brave ladies. Looks like a ton of fun though. My kids would be jealous. It is a whopping 45 degrees here right now! I am beginning to wonder if summer is ever going to get here.

jscardon said...

You are brave!! Looks like a lot of fun though!! Hope they had lots of life guards.:)

Amy J said...

LOVE your swimsuit! :) :)