Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nutcracker Sweet!

Dorothy performed in the Nutcracker this past weekend and was a sweet little taffy!  I know you are thinking what is a taffy?  Well instead of the lady with the bon bon's under her dress they did a big box of taffy and chocolates.  It was really cute and the girls LOVED it!!  I am really impressed with this dance studio and the talented instructors!  Here are some pictures of Dorothy (sadly none are with her cousins since they were in different casts!)
Yeah they were really good at looking at the camera!  They were watching all the other girls in costume around the room!

Her #1 fan!!

After with her flowers! 


J-Leav said...

she's beautiful and looks just like her mother!

Joan Morris said...

Dorothy is beautiful! What a fun Christmas recital.