Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Disney Day 2!!!

It rained and the weather was garbage the whole day... on the bright side the park was EMPTY!!!  We walked on every ride and at night it cleared and warmed up!  I am glad we had that day because we got a lot done and with the dollar poncho's I got before we left we all stayed dry!
This is what we woke up to in the morning, these two are like brothers and Treygan has endless patience and is so sweet to little Pres!

The decorations at the entrance!

Our first ride and my favorite Peter Pan!!!

We then did Dumbo and it was so cold and wet... not the best idea!

We went on Small World quite a few times and it is so cute they sing Small World and Jingle Bells!

He was pretty excited for the Buzz ride!

Watching the Bug's Life video!

We then ate at Ariel's grotto!

Cute little Aleeya was in AWE of meeting Ariel it was sooo adorable!

This picture cracks me up... it's like Disney outtakes!  Look at the food in Pressy's mouth!

Violet was sooooo excited to meet Snow White she kept telling her about how she was an apple for Halloween!  

The fancy smancy dessert!  I kid you not when I tell you our table's bill came to 500 bucks!  That may be the last time we eat there (if James has his way!)

Mickey's death wheel at night!

We ended the night watching World of Color and that show is just amazing!!!

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