Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disney Day 3!!

Our last day the weather was perfect!  Right as we entered the park Alice came over and grabbed Dorothy and Sareya and had them join her in a little dance!
In front of the HUGE tree!

Walking into the park!

Some of the cute park decorations!

Toon town!

In front of the castle!

Mid-day churro break!  We had to get one everyday, which was a small fortune but sooo worth it!

The darling Christmas parade!

Santa was there!

Teacup's again?  Heck yeah!


Right outside the Alice in Wonderland ride (my other favorite!)

We ate dinner in *New Orleans* and for dessert we had to try the Mickey bengiets!

While leaving the park it was *snowing* and they played White Christmas!  It was so magical and beautiful!  I can't wait to go back again next year (or the year after as the case may be!)

After our walk back to the hotel the kids were beat!  I snapped this picture in the hotel lobby!

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