Friday, December 2, 2011


This is like a holiday for me every year!  We lost a few people (Mom, Kelly!) but Allison and I braved the crowds at midnight for Target and went from there.  We got home around 10ish the next day we were pretty beat but it was so worth it!!!  I can't wait for next year!
This is at like 9am and we are looking pretty beat down!  I should mention that we wore the EXACT same outfit NOT ON PURPOSE!  I showed up to meet her and there she was in the same outfit as me.  We laughed and left who cares it's Black Friday, we got a lot of comments about it from the friends we made!  I think next year we should do it again!

Some of our spoils!


Karin said...

I think your twinner outfits were awesome!!(: And I think you both still look beautiful even after ALL that shopping!

Kay Hinton said...

You guys are crazy! Did you ever find your Mom and Kelly. Now you've got me worried!

sara cardon said...

Crazy!! Sounds like you've started an irresistible and ongoing tradition.:)