Friday, December 30, 2011


I loved that Christmas was on Sunday this year it really made me think more about the reason for the season and helped shift the focus in the right direction.  The kids woke up EARLY (as in 4:30) and were told to go back to bed!  We finally let them get up at 7 and made them shower and get ready (I know I am mean but we had church and I knew it would be hard to pull them away!)  They loved the entire day and it brought back all the childhood happiness seeing the kids open presents!
Violet was soooo excited I could not get her to look at the camera!  This year her list was
1. Dora Guitar
2.  Baby Snow White doll
3.  Dress-ups!

Preston wanted
1.  Angry birds knockdown wood game
2.  The real Lightning McQueen
3.  Cars 2 ship set

Dorothy wanted:
1.  A Karaoke machine
2.  Fijit friend
3.  Sewing machine

Violet who immediately dressed up in an outfit and started strumming her guitar!

Daddy teaching Preston how to drive Lightning!

This thing has been on since she got it!  She is in LOVE!

Ummm I thought we were not getting each other big gifts this year!  I love my new iPad and poor James got some new church clothes and candy!  

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sara cardon said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Your kids are so cute in their new church clothes! I am jealous of your iPad.:)