Sunday, April 3, 2011

Preston turns 4!!

I hardly know where the time has gone but my little guy is now 4!  He is still a 'wild man' full of endless amounts of energy, amazing at climbing, can run ANYTHING electronic (knows how to use the iPad and iPhone better than mom) and has the most tender heart.  In every prayer he asks "please help mommy to find her wedding ring."  He always has a hug for anyone having a bad day and a smile for all!  We love you little Pressy-boy!
On the morning of the 23rd (his actual birthday)


Dorothy and Violet sang "Happy Birthday" to him I thought that was so sweet!

Preston's 'Basketball hoop' cake!

We had his party at Pirate's Island (it makes it really easy for mom!)

Playing games

Violet kept disappearing and every time I could find her 'driving my car mom!'

The birthday boy and mommy!

Blowing out the candles!


Uncle Jon gave him a meat cleaver... it was his favorite gift and has since disappeared?!!

Hanging out with the pirates!

Preston had a wonderful party and already wants to have it at "pirate's island next year!!!"


Kay Hinton said...

Uncle Jon must be a little bit crazy! I can't believe he's four! Preston, I mean, not Uncle Jon. When did you lose your wedding ring?

Pilar said...

congratulations little Preston!
Just what Preston needed a meat cleaver:)

Stephanie Black said...

Happy Birthday to Preston! He's such a cute kid! I can hardly believe how mischievious and destructive he has been (just from reading your previous posts). Hopefully this new year will bring fun without broken limbs or tvs, etc. :)

Pal & Hatty said...

Happy Birthday Preston! We love you!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Preston! What a fun party and even better that it's easy on you. And of course Jon would get him a meat cleaver!!!

sara cardon said...

Happy (late) birthday to Preston! 4 seemed to be the magic age with Lucy b/c she matured a lot, so maybe it runs in the Gabrielsen genes. I'll cross my fingers for you.:)