Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Spring Break!

We also went to Pirate's Island (glorified Chuck-E-Cheese) and had lunch and let the kids play games.
Eating lunch

Playing games!!

The next day we headed to Salt Lake to visit temple square and take the kids to the Children's Book of Mormon exhibit.  They played there for about 2 hours!!  
The kids dancing (Lillian and Dorothy did this for about an hour!)

Helping to 'translate the plates!'

Catching fish on 'Lehi's ship'

It was a beautiful Spring day and Temple square was magnificent with all the flowers in bloom!

*the last thing we did was go see the movie Rio the kids liked it a lot more than Hop and so did I!  


Joan Morris said...

That first picture of Alex is pretty funny. What a great exhibit for kids at Temple Square. Sounds like a fun spring break to me.

J-Leav said...

Utah looks to be where it is at! That looks like a lot of fun- lucky ducky

Megan and TJ said...

I had no idea there was a BofM childrenss exhibit. It looks like a lot of fun! Dorothy looks great with her missing teeth! They are all getting so big!

Jessica said...

Love those pics of you guys at the temple! And that children's exhibit looks pretty fun!

Kay Hinton said...

Hey, I recognize those dresses they're dancing in! BYU folkdancers must have retired their Mexican dance costumes. I have pictures of Michelle in that very dress!! It looks like you did some fun things on your week off.

Shauna said...

sounds like a fun spring break! The B Of M exhibit looks like a lot of fun.