Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting ready for Easter!

We had FHE and dyed eggs as a family (we also talked about the true meaning of Easter!)  The kids loved dyeing the eggs but only Dorothy will eat them kind of, James HATES hard boiled eggs but not too worry I finished them all off already!
Getting ready to dye eggs (yes that is Preston in an apron he INSISTED he HAD to wear one like the girls!)

Dyeing the eggs

Fun family time!

Our beautiful eggs- nothing fancy.  Trust me it was serious WORK trying to keep the kids from spilling dye all over the kitchen:)!

I have a smile of relief that the dye is down the drain!


Shonna said...

How fun! Love dyeing eggs!

The Clark Family said...

We never do anything fancy, with kids it is just hard. Well, and also I have no skills in that area but we won't dwell on that. Your kids are getting so big! I hope you have a great Easter.

J-Leav said...

You did it inside? You dare devil! I sent mine out to the grass ;)

sara cardon said...

Amen to keeping the dye off of everything!! It is tricky with all those little hands everywhere. Your spring break staycation looked really fun.