Saturday, October 16, 2010

Museum and shopping!

We visited the Museum of Science in LA while we were there, the kids LOVED playing with all the stuff and running all around!
Violet and I

Playing in the tree house!

Preston wanted to be "Handy Manny!"

The girls playing with the 'ice' wall!!  They loved touching it and then screaming about how cold it was!

After the museum we drove over to Rodeo drive!

A Shoppers paradise!

After shopping we decided to pick up a little snack!

The kids LOVED picking out which one they would eat!

The 'Pinkalicious' one was the BEST!

Violet loved it too!

Pressy eating his Halloween cupcake!


Heather Capener said...

I miss Crumbs cupcakes!!

The Clark Family said...

You were in my old stomping ground! Well, not that I went to Rodeo Dr all the time but you know what I mean! How fun to fit all this stuff in one trip. You guys know how to go on vacation!