Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mickey's Halloween Party!

The last day the park closed a little early and re-opened for Mickey's Halloween party. We decided to go and enjoy one last hurrah, it was so FUN!!! I highly recommend going if you get the chance! Kids can come in costume, they hand you bags as you walk in and you get to trick or treat all over the park. The rides have NO lines, and they put out a ton more Halloween decorations. You can hear Halloween music all over the park and the characters 'dress-up' in costume too!!! It was so great and TOTALLY worth every penny!!

The family ready for the party!

The kids in their costumes!

The *spooky* castle!

Meeting Buzz again!!  Pressy HAD to show Buzz his costume!!

The Halloween parade!!

My score on the Buzz ride!!!  We may or may not have been stopped in the ride for an extra minute or so (James will also argue since I had no kids, I was able to score that!)

Alice heading into Wonderland!!

The little Mad Hatter!!

The Queen of Hearts!  Who ate candy all night (and threw it up all over our hotel room bed later!)  

Our last ride... Alice in Wonderland of course!!!

Goodbye Disneyland we will see you again next year!!!!


Stefanie said...

That looks awesome. We just might have to meet you guys there next year!

Ming said...

This looks like SUCH a fun trip! It makes me want to hit up Disneyland pronto. LOVE the kids Halloween costumes. You have such a cute family.

Shonna said...

For a second I thought you were Buzz Lightyear's side-kick, and what a great costume. That looks super fun! Love the costumes!