Friday, October 29, 2010

Fear Factor!

We had a family party the other night and played fear factor!  It was so much CRAZY fun!!!
This was what we had for dinner!

Kyra and Violet eating "Cow tongues!"

Jello- with 'maggots and flies'

Jon eating a piece of 'Cocoa's poop!'

Bobbing for turds anyone???

Taking the rats out of the 'brains!'

These were the HIT of the party!!!

We each had to eat a bite of 'cat food!'

Evan eating an anchovy and chasing it with a disgusting drink!

Violet LOVED the 'poopie diapers!'

Get a few pennies out of this jar....

The kids thought this was sooooo cool!!!


sara cardon said...

Uggghhh! That is one creative party!!:) What a perfect way to celebrate Halloween!

Kay Hinton said...

The Mickelsen family is cRazY!!!! CrAZYYYY!

Lilit said...

bwahahahahahahhahaahhahaahah What an awesome tradition/idea!!!!! looks FUN! Can't say I have tried cat food, but dog food isn't too bad.

Heather Capener said...

GROSS!!!! What a great party, but I think I would have passed and partaking of your spread.

Always a creative time with you!

Joan Morris said...

You clever Mickelsen's. I'm not sorry I missed that family party :)

Jessica said...

What a fun and creative night!! You need to plan anther one when Adam and I are there. I used to love to watch fear factor.