Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Part 1

Friday we (James) get the hair brained idea to go to Las Vegas. Now I ask you "what is better than an impromptu trip to Las Vegas?" the answer "an impromptu trip to Las Vegas WITHOUT kids!" We are crazy and decided to take the kids (since it was short notice and all!) Also there was an orthodontic convention that weekend (James didn't attend) but we felt that was a good enough reason! As soon as we arrive we checked in our hotel and headed down the strip!
The kids looking out the hotel window (this is all they wanted to do the first 20 minutes.)

Dorothy who pleaded with us "can we puleeze live here?"

Our five star hotel for a 3 star price (thank you priceline!)

All I wanted to do was go to Serendipity3 for some frozen hot chocolate!

After an hour wait...
It was totally worth it. AMAZING!

I would highly recommend getting take out and eating in their large outdoor seating area! I got the ABC burger (avocado, brie and caramelized onions) DELISH!!!

My favorite picture of the trip... all three kids pounding frozen hot chocolate!!!
Shopping inside Caesar's palace. GREAT SHOPPING IN VEGAS!!! My wonderful husband even took the kids so I could hit up the Anthro!

Violet watching the fountains at Caesar's palace!

In front of the fountains at Caesar's!

M & M world my kids thought this was the BEST part of the trip!

You can go from New York, to Paris and onto Italy in a half of a mile!

Walking around the strip!

Dorothy at the Bellagio in their botanical gardens. They are celebrating Chinese new year and it was beautiful!

2010 is the year of the Tiger.

More of the botanical gardens!

My kids LOVED the fountains at the Bellagio! They would hoot and holler at them like they were on a roller coaster!


Dad, Mom, and babies said...

vegas is a dirty hot place, but it still holds a little place in my heart. We would go there on weekends when we lived in Hurricane just to go to Cheesecake Factory. It looks like youhad fun and thanks alot, cause now I am so craving a frozen hot chocolate!!

Pal & Hatty said...

I love all your photos! You have such darling children!

Stefanie said...

Man I want a frozen hot chocolate right now, and more than that I want to travel to somewhere besides Idaho!

Heather Capener said...

I love that place, minus all the immoral trash that is there, it is so much fun!!
Looks like you had a good time. Maybe we need a best friends trip to Vegas! Ok, let's be honest, where don't we need a best friends trip to!

jscardon said...

Yeeees!! You make our future home look like paradise.:) I'm with the first comment that Vegas seems like a "dirty hot place" but you have definitely given me some ideas!!

Tyson and Stephanie said...

Looks very fun, and again I am so impressed you managed another trip with the kids. Your kids must be good! Btw, you look awesome!

Amber said...

It looked like you had fun even with the kids!

Sarah said...

I had no idea there was a Serendipity in Vegas! Good to know. Looks like I won't have to make that trip to NYC after all.