Monday, March 15, 2010

Las Vegas part 2

Being the food fan that I am we had to go to Jean Philippe (the world renown pastry chef) and grab some dessert! We walked all up and down, and down and up the strip so many times my feet almost fell off! I was so exhausted I forgot to take pictures of everything! Here are a few more pictures of the beautiful, dirty, fun, sinful Las Vegas!
Choosing out dessert at Jean Philippe in the Bellagio!

The Eiffel tower at the Paris!

Dorothy and I all ready to hit the town!

Dorothy and Daddy at the Venetian

James and I at the Venetian!
(that's where I am planning on staying next time!)

During the pirate show at Treasure Island. (if you have kids and think it's a good idea to take them... it was the trashiest pirates show I have ever seen!)

Preston and I in front of the Pirate ship at Treasure Island!

Walking the strip at night!

Eating our amazing desserts from Jean Philippe
It was the best carrot cake I have ever had!
The HUGE bathtub the kids thought was a hot tub!!
(another reason Dorothy wanted to move it!)


J-Leav said...

If I had known you guys were in town, I would have driven to the strip to join you for that desert! The bellagio and it's awesome crepes is probably the only reason we ever go to the strip :) I'm glad you had a good time in our fair city!

Stefanie said...

Hopefully we'll see you guys wherever the next ortho conference is held (even if the guys don't actually go).

Meg said...

Where did you stay? We need that place next time...

Meg said...

oh yeah the trump tower duh...getta get there soon.

Goldthorpe Family! said...

Hey, are you guys going to the ADA convention in 2011 in LV? It would be fun for ALL of us! :)

Elise said...

I've never really wanted to go to Vegas, I think you are changing my mind. :) Too bad the pirate show was trashy, my boys would love something like that... the pirates not the trash. {{wink}}

The Clark Family said...

How fun, an impromptu trip to Vegas! My kids would have loved that tub! Your family is so cute!