Thursday, March 4, 2010

The bedroom re-mo!

I love to decorate. I love to remodel. James hates both of those things about when we move because they always end up in $$ and major projects for him! This time I enlisted my father-in-law (the contractor) because I wanted the job done right. We repainted both kids rooms and added bead board. Here are a few pictures of the WORK!!!

The girls room!
(I just adored this bedding. I have a slight obsession with owls!)

Pressy's room!

The girl's before
(it was Disney princess themed and I am all PBK so it had to go!)

Pressy's room during construction that's why the floor board is already pulled off
(it was buzz themed hence the red door frame, and I already had painted the top half of the room so you don't get the full effect!)

During the process

Getting closer!

Pressy-boy in his finished room! His favorite thing about it... the nightlight (what?! that has nothing to do with the room!) it's a rechargeable dinosaur he sleeps with every night!

Violet's favorite thing is playing with Dorothy's stuff!

Dorothy LOVES her new room! Her favorite thing is the owls on the bed (I am passing my obsession onto her!)
Thank you Lynn for helping me for 3 days to make these rooms AMAZING!!!
ps- Violet does not sleep on the top bunk she is in a toddler bed on the side not really pictured! You don't need to call child services!


Stefanie said...

I need a house to decorate! For now looking at your awesome decorating job will do. It looks so cute.

Shannon said...


Ming said...

It's time to out myself on your blog. My Mom passed on your blog to me a few weeks ago & it's been fun to keep up with you via the internet. Okay, so I have to ask...did you get those bunk beds in CO at American Furniture Warehouse? We just bought (what I'm pretty sure are) the exact same ones last weekend. So cute (similar looking to the PBK ones but at SUCH a better price. Anyway, just curious. The room looks adorable! I've always admired the owl rooms in the PBK catalog. So cute!!

Elise said...

So so so cute, the rooms look awesome. I love that color of pink in the girls' room.

Kathy Rose said...

Cute rooms! I'm so excited that I get to do this to my own house now! I love that Preston's favorite thing is the dinosaur. :)

Dad, Mom, and babies said...

So cute, but what is PBK?

The Brousseau Family said...

So are you for hire? Really love the rooms you did a great job.

Meg said...

You do have a good eye!~ Wonderful job...they know you love them with fun rooms like that!

Tyson and Stephanie said...

I love it all. It looks awesome and so cute! Your kids look so cute in their rooms! Great job!

Joan Morris said...

Do you hire out?? I have a bunch of remo decorating I'd like to get done :) Great job!

Megan and TJ said...

I love it! I saw the cutest Owl scrapbook at Micheal's today and thought of Dorthy's new room! You sure do have a talent!

Michelle said...

SO cute! I love the owls. That is a ton of work; I'm impressed