Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disney on ice!

Dorothy LOVES Disney on ice and saw a commercial about how it was coming to SLC (I hate how they advertise to kids so much these days!) She informed James and I that we HAD TO GO! About a week before I saw a commercial and they were offering 'deals' to get you to buy... 10 minutes later we had seats. Sometimes I am such a sucker! We went to the show and enjoyed it! Preston almost ran out on the ice when the CARS showed up! Dorothy of course was more interested in getting every toy for sale in the lobby, than watching the show. Can you say future shop-a-holic! Violet watched the show for about 25 minutes and then wanted to go "explore!"
Before the show

The highlight of the night... CARS!

Pressy waving and yelling "Goodbye McQueen!"

Trying to hold wiggly wiggly Violet during the show!

Watching the show!

The boys during intermission

Tinkerbell and friends!

Violet clapping!

Dorothy waving goodbye to Tinkerbell and friends!

The girls after the show!


jscardon said...

You guys are always doing something fun! Lucy would like to be adopted by you. Are you in need of an extra 3 year old? She and Dorothy are made of the same stuff!

Stefanie said...

Shopaholic, wonder where she gets that from! How fun to go to the ice show, Ry would either love it or demand to leave.

The Clark Family said...

How fun! Dorothy looks so cute all princessed up! The show looks like it was way cool! And I also wonder where Dorothy gets wanting to shop from!

Shannon said...

Reminds me so much of Rachel at Dorothy's age. I remember we went to Disney Princesses on Ice and she wore her princess gown. And she wanted ALL that expensive crap they sell. Of course we had to buy her some! Fun times!!

Kay Hinton said...

Looks like a fun evening! I LOVE the pictures that are always at the top of your blog. How do you do that??

The Staker Family said...

Oh wow, what a fun night! Your kids are very lucky.

Kathy Rose said...

How fun! I wanted to take my girls to that! Love that Dorothy just wanted to shop. :)

Shauna said...

Hey we were there too! Boston and I took a trip to Utah and went on Saturday night to Disney on Ice. Boston kept asking for Mater during Lion King, and Tinkerbell and I kept telling him he'd be back (which of course he never did) he was crushed. I hope you didn't buy too many of those ridiculously expensive toys in the lobby! We just got kettle corn and a soda (I'm pretty cheap!)

Michelle said...

How fun! I love that Dorothy got to wear her adorable Princess outfit to the show.

Joan Morris said...

I love your new blogger head. I'm like Kay and want to know how you do that :) So cute. What a fun outing.