Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas pretties!

Here are the three little kiddo's all dressed up in their Christmas pretties (that's what Dorothy calls them!)
The three kids all dressed up for church!

Little VJ

Can't you see how naughty he is!

Dorothy all dressed up for church!

Daddy and his girls!

Pressy and Mommy

Little walking Violet!

When you are all ready for church...
go play in the snow!!!


The Clark Family said...

What a cute family! Those are such darling dresses! I haven't even begun to look for dresses for my girls. I am totally behind schedule this year. Oh well. Hope you guys are doing great. I heard Utah was experiencing quite the cold weather!

Joan Morris said...

Cute pictures of your kids, as always! Looks like you got snow in Utah too!

Stefanie said...

I love love love your girls' dresses! Ry asked about Preston and Dorothy again before church, I wonder how long she'll do that.

Elise said...

They look adorable! As usual, your kids always look cute.