Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was a wonderful day filled with family and fun!!! We woke up and enjoyed Christmas morning as a family. Then headed to Evan and Kelly's for Christmas breakfast. We rushed home for a quick nap and headed to my Mom and Dad's for Christmas dinner and the Mickelsen family program. It was such a special day and was filled with magic and joy!
Dorothy's list to Santa:
Hair salon
Cash register for said Hair salon
Twin babies
Dorothy who had a really HARD time posing for this picture because she was SOOOOOO excited about playing with her hair salon!

Preston's list to Santa:
Mickey Choo-Choo
Zhu Zhu pets drive car
(thank goodness Santa scored some of those in October on a whim?)
Rocky robot truck
Pressy in front of his presents!
Violet's list to Santa (according to Dorothy):
Rose petal castle
Baby doll
Zhu Zhu pets?!
Violet in front of her presents!

Playing with all the loot Santa brought!

Daddy and Pressy!

The girls (Violet had no clue what was going on and was more interested in playing with EVERYONE's presents but her own!!)

Pressy happy as a clam with his Mickey choo-choo!

Someone may or may not have read the warning all over the Zhu Zhu pets to KEEP AWAY FROM HAIR!!! It had to be secretly extracted with scissors!

Grandpa and Aleeya!

During the play!

The cast of the Nativity!

The girls before the Christmas feast!

The girls worn out after a wonderful Christmas!

A very sleepy and happy little Dorothy off to bed!


Shannon said...

John was the same way as Violet...more interested in everyone else's presents than his own. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!!

Kay Hinton said...

Looks like Santa was good to you. I love the picture of all the girls at your mom's. Happy Christmas!!!

mrs. potato head said...

man! your kids were way better than mine this year! em-j got her easel and loves it. she really misses dorothy! and we miss you. glad your chiristmas was wonderful.

J-Leav said...

I want to be an adopted Thomas child! That looked like one super fun Dorothy taking appointments? I'm in serious need of a cut and color!

Christy and John said...

How exciting is it to be by family finally! I can't imagine. One day my kids will know their cousins.

The Clark Family said...

I am glad that you guys had such a great Christmas. I can't believe how big Dorothy and Preston have gotten. Has it really been 21/2 years since you moved from Florida? That seems crazy. Thank goodness for blogs so we can keep in touch!

Shauna said...

looks like a fun Christmas! It's cute seeing Jessica with a prego belly.

jscardon said...

Man! Your kids made a haul!! What a nice Santa!! Looks like a fun Christmas-- and it reminded me of when we spent Christmas Eve with the Mickelsen's long ago when we were little.:)

Pilar said...

Merry Christmas! Happy to know Santa stopped by. We hope you are doing well and happy. Happy new year too!!

Kristen Mackrory said...

Wow. What a merry Christmas. I must say I LOVE your black and white chair that was next to your Christmas tree in one of the pictures. And your header is darling too!!

Kelly M said...

We are so glad you are finally here so you can be "invited" to all the family parties!