Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas jammies!

You know by now I love Christmas jammies! This year I let them pick their own out and voila... we get a modge-podge of jammies. They are so soft and snugly it makes me want to snuggle and drink hot coco!
Kind of makes you want to snuggle!!

Snugly buddies!

Violet getting into the Christmas decorations!

Dorothy and Preston excited about Christmas
(which they thought was tomorrow...)

Little Pressy-boy


Dorothy playing with the tree!

Three little Christmas buddies!
Playing wildly after the photo shoot!


Shonna said...

I love those pictures!!! Christmas jammies are the best, it makes me want to go home and get into some. I also love your stockings, so cute.

Kay Hinton said...

The picture at the top belongs in an upscale catalog selling stockings. Cute jammies!

mrs. potato head said...

so i bought em-j some pjs from the trift store - $1.50. cute gingerbread man ones from gymboree! i know, i am a cheap mom.